What was your trigger to waking up ?

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  • CovertsadJW

    Good afternoon ,

    I wanted to ask everyone here , what was your trigger to waking up ? I have been waking up for a long time , but in looking back it’s hard for me to look at one event and say “ ah ha “ , I think mine is like a slow leak - like a crack in a damn - and then hold on , because after that it’s just a flood of information. Side point- I was in a semi not so rare mood lately , not over the top but just amazed and disgusted at rh same time. In speaking with my dad I said “ I cannot believe “ Tony the Tight Pants Morris “ can sit there and provide graphics detail on how you will “ die” at Armageddon, lay dead in the streets, smell of the flesh , etc and think that’s okay - that is abuseive and threatening people with death 💀, - then I realized I have been threatened with death my whole life - My dads thought - well don’t let your emetions control you. What ? Wait ? This is okay ? Inhad strong words but not emotional crazy- I said I reject the people “ threatening me with permanent destruction. Inaslo said my kids should not be listening to this crap- fear and emotional control - but he make me out to be he slightly emotional one. I did tell him that I am not the one threatening a group with death- how is that moral or healthy to hear your whole life ?

  • cha ching
    cha ching

    I always had questions, and in the 70's and 80's we could ask, discuss, research things, even disagree... to a certain extent... as long as you said, "well, we'll see what Jehovah does" and, you were always on a hamster wheel.

    For me, my husband, two sons and daughter in law, it was 607. BAM! GONE! No more lies.

  • Jrjw

    607 for me too and then after that I started doing research and found a lot more lies from wts

  • EverApostate

    607 BC and 1975 AD were my Saviors !!

  • Finkelstein

    The Watchtower Corporation was a conniving, deceiving and commercialized false prophet.

  • redpilltwice

    Had my first Ooops! moments when Candace Conti went to the media in 2012.That was my first trigger on the slow path to TTATT. Things got serious in 2015 with that january Awake! evolution quote that needed rectification and discovering JWfacts and other websites. In that year Ooops! became WTH?? regarding 1799 as the beginning of the last days and 1914 being changed from the end into the beginning of a complete new era!

    ARC 2015 with Geoffrey Jackson lying through his teeth under oath really was a 100% WTF??? The final nail in the coffin so to say. In shock I decided to answer all the questions at JWsurvey 2015 and then realised I was mentally too far out to continue a JW life.

  • Magnum

    No one trigger for me. However, the 1995 "generation" change and the fact that time ran out on JW prophecy started taking the wind out of my sails. Then, it was just a slow waking up. I stopped making excuses for things I always saw that were wrong and were getting worse - boring meetings, wasted time, inefficient and ineffective ministry, poor teaching, poor writing and reasoning in publications, deception, unanswered major questions, things that didn't make sense, etc.

    Finally, after much begging in prayer for answers and as to whether JWs were what they claimed to be, I started researching online, and scales fell off my eyes. I saw behind the curtain. I once viewed the GB as mysterious, really smart and knowledgeable, noble men who almost had a hotline to heaven. After I saw behind the curtain, I just saw pudgy old men who steal people's lives and who know no more about the Bible than I do and who have zero special knowledge and are in no way noble.

    I began to look around at meetings, and it all just felt and seemed so different. I saw it for what it really was.


    cha ching: "in the 70's and 80's we could ask, discuss, research things, even disagree... to a certain extent... as long as you said, "well, we'll see what Jehovah does""

    I remember those days.

  • kairos

    I had finally had it with the local hypocrites.

    I couldn't take it anymore.
    It was only after leaving that I gave myself permission to research.
    That sealed it.

  • LongHairGal


    There were several rude awakenings I had in the JW religion once the love bombing phase was over.

    I saw they were hooked on titles and what they have is a plainclothes clergy. I saw they were very gossipy and judgmental. I saw that those who were born and raised in were very narrow minded. I thought they were jealous too. I was a single woman and supported myself and I think they resented my independence...and tried to get me to quit my job. I ignored this and other rude awakenings and hurt feelings.

    I should have bolted for the door but I was optimistic and I had a few friends there. So time marched on until the 1995 Generation teaching. I could not ignore this and researched the internet sometime after. I did a “fade” in 2001.

  • ToesUp

    Lack of love and hypocrisy!

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