What Happened to VP Pence? He Was Put in Charge of the COVID Thing by Trump But Disappeared. Is He in His Basement Too?

by RubaDub 11 Replies latest jw friends

  • minimus

    Room, do you have anything against very religious people?? You were one at one time too.

    And you think Kamala is all that huh? If I recall Tulsi made mincemeat out of her.

  • LV101

    My Dem friends in so cal can't stand her but time changes everything. If they can overlook a brain-ravaged candidate like Biden surely the VP can't be too big a deal except she'll basically be their puppet the boys in the background are running - Soros/Obama tad bit of Ole Hil when they can wake her up. I'm shocked so many guys age 40 - 50 have such a poor opinion of her - they think she's a degenerate but who knows.

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