Man on the High Castle

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  • Syme


    This is no coincidence. The SS as an organization did indeed resemble the Witnesses. I found that out as I read a biography of Himmler. The SS under Himmler had a rational-like kind of fanaticism. They did not shout "fanatic" from miles away like the SA battalions; they were instructed to live an exemplary family life, and seem serious and sober (they were heavy drinkers in secret), but that didn't make them less fanatical. Instead, their rationalization made them the most dangerous of all fanaticals, because they coldly rationalized every despicable thing they did.

    Himmler often wrote letters to the Body of Generals" so to speak, and sometimes to lower officers, to give answers to questions they asked, and usually gave unnecessarily specific guidance in various tiny details. That surely reminded me of BOE letters. Plus, Himmler was in fact familiar with jws and expressed admiration for them. In his own words (taken from Longerich, Himmler, 2012):

    He came to respect the Jehovah’s Witnesses, tens of thousands of whom
    were imprisoned in his concentration camps as a result of their pacifist and
    anti-Nazi attitudes, because of their stubborn will to resist: ‘If their fanaticism
    could be harnessed for Germany or a similar fanaticism be created in
    the nation as a whole in wartime, we would be stronger than we are
    today!’ They also lived frugal lives and were hard-working and honest.
    For that reason he not only employed them in his own household and in
    those of friends and SS families, but expressed the view that precisely these
    qualities should be propagated among the suppressed nations in the east,
    where in addition the Jehovah’s Witnesses’ pacifism was extremely welcome
    to the Germans! In July 1944, in a long letter, Himmler therefore
    ordered the then-head of the Reich Security Main Office, Dr Ernst Kaltenbrunner,
    to export the religion to the occupied eastern territories (which by
    this time were no longer occupied): ‘In the case of all Turkish peoples the
    Buddhist faith is suitable but for other nations the teachings of the Bible
    Students [ Jehovah’s Witnesses] are the appropriate ones.’

    Btw, notice the irony of the Nazis welcoming the jws pacifism in the occupied countries, convenient as it was.

  • smiddy3

    Many years ago I read the book "Commandant of Auswitch" Rudolf Hoess and I even quoted some paragraphs in a talk I gave at a K.H.

    Which reflects some of the statements made above by Himmler .

    My wife still derides me to this day about that talk where for some unknown reason I kept mis-pronouncing Gestapo with Jestapo.

    I must look out for this series "Man on The High Castle"

  • Gorbatchov

    @syme: great quotations.

    That's just what I mean!


  • Diogenesister

    Hey Gorby thanks for the recommendation. Really enjoying it so far.

  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    I've only just started watching this. It's very atmospheric, the characters are very believable and overall the atmosphere is quite chilling.

  • Vidiot

    I plan on marathonning the whole thing when it finishes.

  • ThinkerBelle

    The book is one of my favorites - a very intriguing "what-if" storyline. I love historical fiction, but it does take a minute to get used to PKDs writing style. I've only watched a few episodes of the show so far, but it seems pretty different from the book. You piqued my interest again though so I need to revisit it.

  • smiddy3

    I wonder if its on any channels here in Australia yet i would love to view it.

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