JW requesting food assistance to Babylon the Great.

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  • blondie

    I used to have holier-than-thou sisters complain about people going to Salvation Army or St. Vincent DePaul's (Catholic) for help. Said a good jw would only go to Goodwill. But then some HTT jws would say that their sales items were demonized. These same HTT jws accepted help from the Red Cross when their house burned down or was flooded, the same organization they demonized because of blood transfusions.

    Individual hypocrites are everywhere. When I was a jw I would do my research and I have never found anything in writing that you cannot go to a food bank in a church. Educate me if I am wrong. I would imagine that is why these elders did not get involved. Other elders might have made an issue of it if it were well known.

    I would rather be happy that these other jws found help somewhere, not going to find it at the KH. I never knew the financial status of jws well-enough to know if they "deserved" it.

    There are corporations ripping off the general populace in much larger amounts.

  • Crazyguy

    I also know jws that have gone to the Catholic Church to get food. I think their thinking is it's a outside food bank that's just using the church for a place to distribute the food.

  • sp74bb

    @Blondie Thanks for the reply. I agree with you as there is nothing prohibiting JW to get food other religions.

    The fact I want to speak out here is the point that these JW need to find the support in other believers, not their own brothers and sisters...

  • blondie

    Yes, sp74bb, I hope no one else thought I was not agreeing that jws should be able to find help from fellow jws. Some jws do privately and as individuals help other jws. I did and did as an informal group. But rarely does a BOE or congregation as a group help individuals....putting a restriction on the individual to be helped to be judged in "good standing."

    Jesus did not have the ones he fed in a group to confirm they were Jews in good standing.

  • Vidiot

    If Satan's World is taking better care of the sheep than the shepherds themselves, what's that say about the shepherds?

  • Spoletta

    Last Sunday, in the usual criticism of "the world" during the talk, the elder on the podium actually spoke of Christendom's insignificant attempts to make the world a better place, compared to the life-saving work of the Witnesses. I almost laughed out loud!

  • schnell

    The "life saving work of the Witnesses".

    Ya know, I think it was a program on PRI recently that interviewed a Baptist minister who is helping Syrian refugees integrate in the USA. He said he believes in Christ and of course he wishes everyone would do the same, but that does not come first. Helping his fellow man regardless of belief is what comes first.

    On the other hand, I helped at a kingdom hall renovation in a bad neighborhood, one right across from a known campsite of homeless people.

    When lunch time came around, did the Witnesses prepare some food for the homeless, too? Nope. Did they eat outside in front of them?


  • tor1500


    The JW's bite the hand that feeds them....they take advantage of Black Friday,Kawanza or any after the holiday sales. They live in starbucks so every time I go with them they get a discount or free cup or coffee, what about Godiva chocolates....I've been with a sister that will stand in line because she got a text from Godiva saying....stop by and get you FREE CHOCOLATE (mind you it's just one piece). Yet, will go to Lord & Taylors & or Bloomingdales, turn their nose up a K-Mart or Target (which we here in the US say Targ'ee: French you know, LOL)

    I was talking to a sister and we were discussing Good Will/Salvation Army. The conversation started like this...I work at a place sometimes we have sample shoes but they were not pairs, so maybe size 7 but only the left foot and so on...Well, I'm thinking, what can we do, so I said lets put them outside and maybe someone can use them, not really thinking what could anyone do with one shoe....now in my mind, I'm thinking how charitable I am, so glad I thought of it...now I work with a sister...nice sister...really...easy going non-judgmental, yet at times she does drink the JW special kool-aide but I don't hold that against her....Well, here this sister comes and says, hey lets donate them to an organization where people may only have one foot, OMG, I never thought of that...& the sister didn't say send it to Bethel...I'm just saying..so that let me know...I ain't as good as I thought I was...anyway, the sister that I told about this situation says, well you got to be careful because these org. that are donated to, don't always do what they are supposed to. I said I know that..but if one person benefits from all the donations then that's a good thing...We have coats drives, yeah some of the folks that work for these orgs. take first pick but the majority of the donations make it to the various places...so for me just to throw it away because of what I think ....that's not right..so I said to her, so we should have just tossed the shoes in the street as garbage rather than help at least one person? Silence...now mind you, she gets disability, lives in a place for the elderly (brand new), goes to pantries..etc. I have to blame her attitude on ignorance...Some people don't believe in charity unless it's coming to them.

    JW's are self serving...now here's something to think about, JW's are not all wrong for taking care of each other...just think (without pushing their doctrines) if all the churches/places of worship took care of each other.

    In the words of MLK (Martin Luther King), I have a dream/hope that maybe one day, all the diplomats are thrown out of the UN & the clergy from all over come together and stop all this non-sense of who is right and who is wrong, just like Tazewell sat down & went through the bible just think if all denominations sat down at the table & ask God for Holy Spirit to help them bring mankind together...it's not about one doctrine it's about helping one another...the message is THAT WE ARE EACH OTHER BROTHER/SISTER. No matter kindness is universal.

    I do write long post...I know, so forgive me...I'm an x-Flower child....so we always saw peace & happiness..

    They don't want folks to go to college or have a job, but who are the ones helping the ones who have decided to full time preach. That's ok if you want to do that...but count the cost.

    I have more to say but, I'll spare you folks...


  • Landy

    Yeah, it could even be argued that they do help others in need during natural disasters by rebuilding JW's homes,

    I'm not even sure the extent to which they do that, I was always under the impression it was lip service and photo opportunities only.

    The same arrogance that tells JWs they are correct in their beliefs also has a tendency to enable them to isolate themselves emotionally and show little empathy, even to fellow witnesses.

    This isn't true for all witnesses - I'm sure there are caring elders and congregations but by and large my feeling is that's the exception, not the rule.

  • Vidiot
    Landy - "...I'm sure there are caring elders and congregations but by and large my feeling is that's the exception, not the rule."

    More and more so, these days.

    The Org doesn't have much use for genuinely compassionate individuals.

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