JW requesting food assistance to Babylon the Great.

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  • sp74bb

    Barcelona (Spain), Jan 8, 2017 at 1.30 PM


    Two publishers of the Tagalog group in Barcelona (Public Meeting at 4.30 PM) do visit an Evangelical church Barcelona downtown to receive free food bags...

    I can confirm that the queue was long. The pastor in charge of this church has not allowed me to take picture of some older JW living Barcelona downtown, but I was able to catch these young publishers. They are regularly collecting food in other religious denominations, such as Mormons. I heard that even some Mormons and Protestant churches are visiting some older JW in need at their home.

    Why JW do not have a specific help for JW in need? Is Jehovah so much proud about his money?

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    In topsy-turvy Watchtower land, giving charity to unbelievers is a punishable sin but it is compulsory (if not “thrilling”) to give all your money to the JW organisation. . .

    However because the cult demands you remain a low paid ignorant good-for-nothing person you have to go to Babylon's own Christian charities to make ends meet.

    Gawd 'elp us!

  • midnight

    No proof at all could be anyone !

  • LevelThePlayingField

    the org forgets the part of the Bible that says to feed the poor. It's all about the preaching work and that's about it. Sure you get a mention here or there to "help others in need" but the org should be the ones setting the example in this regard, but they never do. They just say to help others in need.

    Yeah, it could even be argued that they do help others in need during natural disasters by rebuilding JW's homes, but the Bible doesn't say only take care of your own, it says to help "others". That they don't do.

  • LongHairGal


    When I read things like this it makes me angry!

    I'm sorry about all the JWs who pursued poverty and are now looking to the hated and criticized "Babylon the Great's" organizations to get foodstuffs. How ironic!....Witnesses also did nothing but criticize people in their OWN religion who had college and a career...Glad I am not there now.

    Sorry JWs: you all don't get to vilify people who worked - and THEN think you're going to ask them for money... It isn't happening.

    Meanwhile, the JW religion does not deserve a tax exempt status, in my opinion. It does not provide REAL charity.

  • evilApostate

    The hypocricy is too damn real! They claim that only they have the truth and that every other religion is false/controlled by Satan. Yet they must dine at Satan's table in order to survive.

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    Yes, I've heard of a neighborhood Witness who gets food from a local Catholic church. When she hears about me - a df'd apostate - she gets hysterical. I'm sure she'd keep that quiet if I were the one handing out the food.

  • sp74bb

    @midnight The fact of they being JW was confirmed by the local pastor of this church. They confirmed to some of them their religious beliefs.

  • sp74bb

    An anonymous contact shared with me this link:


    A JW family getting help from worldly people...

  • sparky1

    Same thing where I live, sb74bb. A 'sister' in her 60's was getting her weekly food at the local Methodist church food pantry. She did this for years!. When I was still on speaking terms with some of the elders at the hall I used to attend, I mentioned this to some of them. They looked at me like I had 'two heads' and just shrugged their shoulders.

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