Is it worth it to sue the Society?

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  • fleet#44

    $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ lost hurt Watchtower.

    It doesn't have to be $$$$$$$$$$ lost via lawsuits but lost donation$$$$$$$$.

    Fewer donations from attenders. Fewer new members to donate.

    Every news article or letter in the mail or email that truthfully exposes Watchtower misdeeds leads to fewer dollars.

    That's the bottom line. $$$$$$$

    Still, let those who can sue Watchtower over pedophilia and wrongful deaths do even so!

    Vicki trailblazed a path that others will march to bigger dollar$ for greater justice in Canada.

  • needs_lots

    This is Vicki Boer, Iam really the one that should be answering that question, and it is a difficult one to answer. It has been a difficult battle. There were times when I wanted to give up. THe watchtower does try to wear you down so that you don't have the energy to keep fighting. Then when it comes to a settlement with a gag order, most people take it, and justice is not served again. They know the ropes very well. Its sickening the dirty games they play. BUT>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>if someone does not fight them, the abuse of victums will never stop. So its not a matter of " should we do this?," its "yes, we have to do this"!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What choice did I have. Could I live the rest of my life knowing I could change child abuse policy and protect future children. I did not have a choice. My conscience would not allow me to give up. Even when times are hard like they are right now, I know I do not have a choice in this. Perhaps its a higher power directing me to clean out the sickness in the organization. Would you want your children to suffer the way I did? THe only support I had was my husband. We had no one else. THe rest of my family are jw's. Though recently my sister and brothers have left. If you knew you could save one life, but that it could have dire affects on your own, would you do it? Yes, to me its clear. I will just have to deal with what ever else this organization throws at me. Its just money, lives are far more important. Worst case happens, they take away all that I own financially, but they can't take my husband and kids from me. vicki boer

  • run dont walk
    run dont walk

    It cant' hurt, but in MOST cases not all, the party with the most money wins, so you must be prepared for the long haul as Vicki was.

    But I do believe that the more bad publicity, the less donations, the less new members, so in a round about way, they are losing money.

    Is the Watchtower like a rich family, used to living and doing things a certain way, then when bad times hit they can't adjust to a lower class of life, as the Watchtower donations go down as it appears to be, how long before the panic button ??? or has it already been hit.

    I know I am being optimistic, but I can't see the Watchtower continuing another 25 years, without a major overhaul.

  • VeniceIT

    Great comments in this thread. I think it all depends on the person and the charges. If the charges are of abuse, blood or something else that poses a threat to the lives of JW's then I think that if the person is strong enough it's very admirable they go through all the work to try and get something done.

    There are some lawsuits though of a more frivolous nature, that wouldn't hold up in court at all, and that would be a shame to see people clinging to that hope.

    My hope is for everyone to heal, and move on with their lives, and be happy. If that means pursuing a lawsuit, then go for it. If your healing would better be served by leaving it all behind, then do that. Each person is so different, and so are their situations. I personally couldn 't tell you what I would do if I was in a situation. I just hope I would have the strength to be me through it all!!!!


  • jst2laws


    Thanks for contributing to this discussion.

    So its not a matter of " should we do this?," its "yes, we have to do this"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Paths original question was "Is it worth it". If "worth it" is in winning vindication or money probably no. But in serious cases such as the flawed pedophile policy the only question is do we have a provable case that will shack the WT into making changes. Vickie won a victory in a special area.

    For anyone out there with a good case I would again say:

    the Wt society has a lot to sweat legally and I hope all those with a real case against them go for it.

    The WT has hurt a lot of people and is exposed legally. I hope all with provable damages will will seek an attorney.



  • sunshineToo

    If no body stands up againt the WTS, they will tell others that they are righteous and we are wicked.

    There was a case dismissed regarding child abuse. I don't know the detail but now the jws are telling others that it was al lies and the Silent lambs are lying apostates. I just cannot stand that. However, I can't do anything because I'm not a victim of abuse. We all went through very difficult time because of the WTS. No one would listen to us complaining. But if a victim comes forward and file a suit, then we get attention.

    It's a very difficult job, but somebody has to do it.

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