My Issue With the Kingdom Melodies

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  • humblepotato

    The organization really has some talented people in it. Seriously talented. Artists, musicians, animators, and any other creative venue you can think of. The issue is that anything that gets churned out of the Borg is devoid of any life or soul.

    Why is that?

    I have a friend who works at Patterson and she relayed that they have a list of things a mile long that they can and can't do within the art department. Meaning, if someone creates a picture and it looks great, it will just get torn apart when it goes to the "commitee" for approval. "This guy is standing wrong, too tall, too short, wrong facial expressions...etc". And the end result is something bland and boring and nothing like the original artist intended.

    The same goes for the music. Lyrics aside, a lot of the MUSIC for the Kingdom Songs have major potential to sound great. Rather, Watchower scientists take each song and suck the very life and soul out of it. They chop off the balls of almost every. single. song... I love music, from pop to rock to classical to film score, I love music... but of the 153 songs or so... maybe only 5 of them are enjoyable to listen too.

    They added more songs to the orchestral batch...most of them are just sampled and synthesized embarrassments...

  • Londo111

    The music is emblematic of what the organization does to many other areas of life: it sucks the life, the joy, the heart out of everything.


    My Issue With the Kingdom Melodies

    The issue is that anything that gets churned out of the Borg is devoid of any life or soul.

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  • baker

    The mormons have run circles around anything the witnesses can produce...

  • ToesUp

    It's all about CONTROL for the WT! That's why it sucks so bad to be a JW!

  • baker

    Notice how the mormons singing all wear the same uniform and don't move except for their mouths. It is amazing to watch though, how a large group of grown ups can be controlled to this degree...and seem to enjoy it.

  • oppostate

    Ughhh! The songs!!!

    They're progressively getting more and more mind-numbing.
    They suck the life and soul!

    They just plain suck!

  • Landy
    how a large group of grown ups can be controlled to this degree..

    Oh, I dunno - JWs seem to manage thar quite well

  • DNCall

    I believe it stems from JW theology, which only addresses true/false, right/wrong, light/dark, us/them, happy/sad, chaste/immoral, moderation/excess, etc. Subtlety and nuance have no place in JW culture. However, life is full of these finer elements, as is great art.

    As art is a reflection of life, so JW art is a reflection of JW life. JW art is as artificial as the life it reflects.

    I have personally witnessed wonderful music created and then shot down because it fell outside the boundaries set by those leaders steeped in JW theology and culture.

  • slimboyfat

    My issue with Kingdom Melodies is if you play them backward at twice the speed there's a message about Satan. Hear that catchy tune and you'll never want to go back to regular. The devil has the best tunes.

    Plus when I had IBS the song "Around the earth with urgency" took on a whole different meaning.

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