My Issue With the Kingdom Melodies

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  • WTWizard

    I think I would rather have my Christmas music. While many are different renditions of the same classics, they are creatively done. They have to, in order to compete with 20 other versions of Jingle Bells. Each rendition has its own appeal. And there are occasionally all-new or regional-exclusive songs that turn up. I have one song that is exclusive to the state of Maine. Another, Sticky Beak the Kiwi, is exclusive to New Zealand. Yet, somehow I managed to find them and add them to my collection. And there was a song "Last Year I Got Coal for Christmas" that is funny.

    Try that with the Kingdumb maladies. Yes, they are adding new rubbish. But none of the "new" songs have the appeal of the new Christmas songs that come up. Plus, I get to add them to the list without deleting anything. "Nuttin' For Christmas", "Holding On for Christmas", "Christmas Every Day", and numerous others simply stick around. I also have renditions by Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross, The Jacksons, and so many others that are supplemented by newer renditions that add variety. The result is I get to keep the original Christmas Island, plus the Jimmy Buffet version, and still have Christmas Cookies.

    With Kingdumb maladies, you simply dump the originals. This allows the new ones to be complete rubbish. Who is going to keep the original 225 songs, let alone older song books, and add these abominations of "songs(??)" to those collections when the hounders want everyone to simply discard the older songs? And can anyone find downloads of the original 225 songs or the even older songs without having to look at forbidden sources? I can find downloads, legal at that, of Christmas songs dating back to the 1940s such as "Christmas Is A-Coming", right alongside newer varieties of that song (dealing with the Christmas Goose).

    Besides, if anyone wants open Satanic music, Led Zeppelin is an option. The Eagles had Hotel California. And these songs are vastly superior to any Kingdumb malady. Hotel California, and the album it came from, were Number One songs and album. And Led Zeppelin IV was the biggest selling album, after only Michael Jackson's Thriller and the Eagles Greatest Volume 1, of all time. The Led Zeppelin box set is, for good reason, the biggest selling box set of all time. Seems it is true that Satan has the best music because it is best for the soul. Kingdumb maladies, on the other hand, only rot your soul.

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