Has anyone been outed by jw health care workers?

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  • Barrold Bonds
    Barrold Bonds
    Sharon had no right to talk anyone out of an abortion and deserved whatever happened to her.
  • Bill Covert
    Bill Covert

    The one who had the right to judge never got to be born. As to whether Sharon deserved what she got would depend on where you stand on the abortion issue. But what she got crushed her, as to be a nurse was her hearts desire.

    But the important thing by bring up the account is to realize how the GB mislead their readers by changing efforts to save a human life into something trivial as reporting a sinner. That article was written by an APOSTATE!

  • Landy
    But what she got crushed her, as to be a nurse was her hearts desire.

    It can't have been that much her heart's desire if she was willing to sacrifice her professional integrity over an everyday procedure.

    If she can't accept a patient's right to confidentiality then the nursing profession is much better off without her. Good riddance.

    And it's got nothing at all to do with abortion and everything to do with JW brainwashing.

  • honest

    Sharon got what she deserved. The medical profession take a oath of confidentiality. She broke it and now is paying for it.

    Ps abortion is justifiable..what if she was raped, or the baby was severely handicapped. Or what if the mothers life was endangered? Who is sharon to step in and report this very private decision?

    A very shitty thing to do.

  • Scully

    I wrote an essay about this ethical dilemma for JW health care workers, when I was in nursing school.

    Confidentiality - an essay by me

  • purrpurr

    I love in the article cited that "Mary" reckons that surely the sister wouldn't want to get her into trouble just because Mary is violating her patient confidentiality??

    No! Surely not (!)

    This is so that the elders have something to beat the patient/jw who complains about their confidentiality being breached. So it's basically saying that not only is it ok to break the law and code of ethics in this way but also that the summer who gets outed has no right to complain about it afterwards (!)

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    Health care workers in hospitals have told on people that have gotten sterilized, that have gotten abortions, STDs, etc.

    I heard of one of these gossip ladies that one of the JWs turned around and did a lawsuit against the worker and the hospital. It was a big deal for that congregation; needless to say, the person who was wronged because her privacy got violated, ended up disfellowshipped because the lawsuit was proof of no repentance.

    What's even worse is that that this wronged/violated person is now back in the JW ranks! Indoctrination is brutal in some cases.


  • DesirousOfChange

    As to whether Sharon deserved what she got would depend on where you stand on the abortion issue. But what she got crushed her, as to be a nurse was her hearts desire.

    No, it does not depend on where anyone stands on the issue of abortion. Sharon violated her oath. If her heart's desire was to be a nurse, she should have kept her patient's information confidential. That's the law.

    Thank you for sharing "the rest of the story". I had always assumed that the JW informant had likely escaped punishment for her breach of confidentiality. Too bad WT doesn't do a follow up with that.* It would make the next "JW do-gooder" have second thoughts about risking their well-paying career.


    * I can see the article now: "Although Sharon lost her well-paying career for being loyal to Jehovah, she quickly found new employment from a local Elder as a part-time janitor and she is able to regular auxiliary pioneer."

  • under the radar
    under the radar

    I agree with all the above who posted that Sharon/Mary should have minded her own blanking business and deserves whatever happened to her.

    Reporting people to "authorities" for personal conduct that poses no danger to others, especially when there is a legitimate expectation of privacy, and doubly when it involves personal medical issues, is nothing less than a betrayal and an elevation of one's own beliefs over the rights and beliefs of another. Many a totalitarian regime has used this to gain and hold power over the masses. Many a cult has done the same.

    I hope the lady who sued won, and won big.

  • oldskool
    I would say they can certainly do it. However, it is a strong case for a lawsuit. Probably could get a descent settlement out of the healthcare provider that employed the snitch.

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