Has anyone been outed by jw health care workers?

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  • janusfulcrum
  • Lieu

    Rules and regulations before humanity. The JW Law.

    The Nazis has a similar system of snitching claiming it was to keep the "race" pure. It was simply a tool to control by proxy of neighbors. Everone snooping, snitching on every manner and movement of each other. If someone told on you, the gestapo showed up to question you about your allegiance. If they didn't like your answer, off you went never to be heard from or spoken to again.

    When I think about it, JW is similar to Nazis in their snooping, snitching, ignorance of past, refusal to believe there's any wrong in the teachings, backstabbing for position, false love for one another, blind obedience and  extreme fear. The way they look at the GB is the way nazi era Germans viewed Hitler. We're the chosen being led to salvation by this man/group.

    We know how that all worked out.

    I'd sue. I'd sue the hospital and I'd sue the individual who released any medical information. I mean really, you're releasing my private medical documents to a janitor!!?? If they were any type of human, they'd approach you first.

  • Landy
    The JW nurse was praised for putting KH purity ahead of her medical profession and confidentiality,

    Not sure where you're based but if that happened in the U.K. and the NMC (the professional regulator for nurses and midwives) got to hear about it she would be removed from the register. And rightly so.

  • purrpurr

    I am going through the healthcare system currently to try to get counseling for the issues I face as an awake but in JW. I'm concerned about what might happen if I was outed.

    When I worked in a hospital years ago I was told by one of the elders to inform them if a jw was admitted so that they could organise visiting and HLC etc. I refused citing the patient confidentiality rules etc and was told off in no uncertain terms "gods law before man's".

  • Vidiot

    purrpurr - "I refused citing the patient confidentiality rules etc and was told off in no uncertain terms 'gods law before man's'..

    Yeah, no way that'll ever come back to bite them on the ass.

  • wallsofjericho

    . We cannot ignore Caesar’s law or the seriousness of an oath, but Jehovah’s law is supreme.

    So then ignore Ceasars law

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    On a related note there are reports that some elders who were psychologists had jw clients waive client/doctor rights so they could be reported in case of revealed wrongdoing during therapy.

    Toward the last few years of my JW life, as I've mentioned here before, I was having a terrible time with anxiety. ( buy the way, it suddenly ended when I stopped going to meetings) One of the things I did to get to the bottom of it was to seek the help of a "Counselor" who a lot of JW's were going to because she was a Witness. She asked me to sign a paper that said to the effect that if during my therapy any "wrongdoing" was revealed, she would be obligated to inform the Elders.

    Before we even got started, she asked me if I had been before the Elders ever and I told her that when I was younger, I went to them about something that that had happened years before was still bothering my conscience. The Elders said I was being overly conscientious and didn't need to worry about it. This "Counselor" then asked me to leave the room and called in my wife who was waiting out in the waiting area. It turns out she wanted to verify with my wife that she knew about what I had just told her.

    A few minutes into the session, I got the sense that she seemed sad and quite troubled herself and she even told me she had at one time been DF'd at one point. Both my wife and I were annoyed about what she did and I never went back. A few months later at the District Convention, I turned around and there she was sitting behind us. It was pretty weird. Thinking back on this now, I should have reported her for this but at the time, I was too mentally taxed to add anything more.

    If you live in the Seattle area and are thinking of seeing a JW Counselor named Lonnie.....RUN !

  • kaik

    Not sure where you're based but if that happened in the U.K...

    This happened in Czech Republic more than 20 years ago. I am not sure what are the laws there for medical confidentiality, but I believe they have already implemented standard EU norms so this case would be well suited for lawsuit or even for criminal charges.

  • DesirousOfChange

    I think any JW who gets outted by someone in the Medical Community should report the violation -- even if they are "forgiven" on the basis that the "snitch" broke Caesar's Law. It would not be "vengeance", it would be respect for the HIPPA Law.

    "He who is faithful in least will be faithful in much."

    Let them get fired and banished from their respected position in the Health Care System.


  • Bill Covert
    Bill Covert
    Robo Bobo Is correct the title of the Wt article was "A Time to Speak When?". The health care worker is now married to a uncle of mine her name is Sharon G. The event happened in the Calif. Bay Area. In the article she was represented as a clerk in medical records, named Mary, who came across payment for a abortion procedure as proof that the unmarried sister was a fornicator hence needed to be reported to elders per Lev.5:1. Sharon in truth was a nurse and saw a married sister scheduled for a abortion, she tried to talk the sister out of the abortion, she went to the elders to try and talk the sister out of the abortion, the sister went ahead and had the abortion. Sharon was trying to save a human life not report a sin. For her efforts she was balck balled out of the medical profession for revealing confidential information.

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