REAL Miracles!!

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  • sparky1

    Personal experience:

    When I was a teenager, my brother studied with a man that was raised as a witness (but never baptized) and his new wife. The man told the story of a 'demonized pocket watch' that he had received from his newly deceased father. The father was not a very good Witnesses and continued to smoke right up until his death. At any rate, this man that my brother was studying with claimed to be under constant demon attack. He traced the attacks to the 'demonized pocket watch' and placed said watch between the pages of 'The New World Translation'. more demons. Later on, the woman divorced her husband because his was a drug addicted, philandering alcoholic (so much for the demons) and married my brother. After my brother faded, she kicked him to the curb and now she lives with her son and his wife. Never underestimate the power of a 'pocket watch'!

  • pale.emperor
    So crazy that according to JW world demons always seemed to be stuck in objects never to escape.

    You mean like in Superman 1 where Jor-El traps the baddies in that square?
    If you were a powerful, intelligent spirit creature thats been around for millenia witnessing the creation of the world, the dinosaurs, humans being created, all the accounts in the bible and amassed all that scientific, mathmatical knowledge - would you spend your days opening and closing doors? moving objects? making previously binned photo-frames re-appear in peoples houses?
    Because i gotta tell ya, if i were that powerful and intelligent and "roaming about like a roaring lion seeking to devour someone" i'd be doing some seriously low, messed up stuff. Non of this hiding Brother X's glasses crap.

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