REAL Miracles!!

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  • pale.emperor

    You all like miracles? Wanna hear some REAL miracles that have happened? This is all TRUE folks! And should be a living example that THIS is Gods organization... <insert sarcasm here>

    On a serious note, all of these are real accounts i've been told either from the platform or in witness get together where we sit and share testimonies.

    1. Bro X moved house and his kitchen needed rewiring. He couldn't afford to pay for it. AMAZINGLY the insurance company informed him that they owed him money and it was the EXACT amount he needed. (I heard later from people who knew him that it was actually fraud, but that part never gets mentioned).

    2. A murderer/rapist brutally murdered Sister Y's next door neighbor. When caught and questioned why he chose that house he said "i was going to go to Mrs Y's house but there were two big men standing in the way". (Obviously Jehovah send his angels). Too bad for her neighbor though.

    3. Old Brother A was being followed one night - suddenly his would-be-attacker was put up against the wall by a great big burly man. (Obviously an angel).

    4. Brother C was witnessing door to door when he met a Satanist. When the Satanist tried to take the literature CHAINS suddenly appeared on his hands and pulled them away.

    It's rather disturbing that a god would allow such things as: Children to be gassed in Nazi concentration camps, people buried alive in Mao's China, innocent people burned at the stake in the middle ages etc. yet he's find providing new kitchens and sending angels to protect his people... well some of them.

  • stuckinarut2


    Great thread!

    It always sickened me when witnesses (often crazy ones come to think of it) had these sort of "experiences"

    So if God was so keen to help with mundane things, why didn't he stop children from being abused, or women raped?

    Oh, wasn't that part of his divine purpose?

    But helping sister so and so pioneer buy a reliable car for service was?

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    Regarding number 2:

    Not unique to JWs at all. I also heard a version where she was witnessing door to door and the maleficent householder held back due to her two bodyguards only he could see.

  • EyesOpenHeartBroken

    Funny how, no matter where in the world we are, we've all heard the exact same miracle stories, yet nobody actually knew these people. I call BS--JW version of urban legends.

    I've always found it intriguing that Jehovah is so concerned with the pioneers vehicles and finances. But somehow didn't care if children die horrible deaths due to disease, starvation, war, abuse, etc.

  • problemaddict 2
    problemaddict 2

    Ugh. I always hated these stories. Even as a loyal JW, I could not square that circle. Why did Jah intervene in this minor instance, but other JW's died no problem. Was their faith not as good?

    I really hate it when I hear about the miracle of getting time off for the assembly! that one is more insulting than all the rest.

  • OneEyedJoe

    I heard a miracle story first-hand once. Guy (who was deathly afraid of dogs) was going d2d and was approaching a house that had a small courtyard at the front door and some of the porch was obscured by bushes. There was a dog on the porch that came hurtling towards him out of the courtyard and he raised his service bag and screamed "save me Jehovah!" and just before the dog reached him it was as if it hit a brick wall and stopped dead and he was able to run away and escape the dog.

    Definitely a miracle. Or, you know, the dog was on a chain. nah definitely a miracle.

  • Crazyguy

    There was a big typhoon that hit the phillipines a couple of years ago and to protect themselves the jws gathered in three Kingdom Halls. The typhoon past over all three Kingdom Halls and because of the Angels all three Kingdom Halls and the people were not even touched not a shingle blowed off the roofs not a hair on a head out of place.

    And if you believe this you too can live forever in a paradise all you have to do is give me all your money!

  • Simon

    I remember a variation of #2 being told from the platform, in this version the police were watching the suspects house because they knew he was going to kill someone but didn't harm the JW sisters who called at his door. When asked why he hadn't killed them he said there were two big guys with them.

    Everyone nodded and smiled and looked at each other mouthing "yup, Angels, I knew it, we're all chosen and awesome and totally invincible if we're in field service".

    I remember sitting there thinking uh? how would the police "know" someone was going to kill whoever called at their door and why would the police just watch and allow someone to become a potential victim?

    A clear test for these BS stories is to ask: who was it? where was it? what city? what congregation?

    Ask any detail about any of the people involved and watch how fast they change the conversation or just find some excuse to leave.

  • cofty
    They are some of the most gullible and superstitious people on earth.
  • exjwlemming
    There was a story circulating around the area about a brother that killed 2 dogs with his bare hands! I kid you not! While working a home, the householder became agitated. The brother exited the porch and started walking to the street. The man opened the door and sicked his two dogs on the brother. Instantly, the brother crouched down and faced the onslaught of the two canines. As the dogs simultaneously leaped at him, he grabbed one dog with his left hand and the other with his right hand. With his hands on their snouts, he twisted their heads, instantaneously broke both their necks, and killed both dogs. You see, 30 years early, the brother was in the special forces in Vietnam before becoming a JW. He was trained in killing dogs with his bare hands. It must have been angelic direction because anyone else in the congregation or car group would have been killed or severely torn up by the German Shepards. No one knows the any of the particulars such as the location, congregation, or names of those involved. JW urban legend.

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