Does Today’s Comedy Offend You?

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  • LoveUniHateExams

    Justin Trudeau has apparently been caught in 'brown face'.

    A picture has emerged of him 'browning up' at an Arabian themed party from 2001.

    Clearly Trudeau doesn't find old-fashioned comedy offensive.

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  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    If you like comedy come to Jamestown Ny and visit the National Comedy Club. It's a state of the art place. Some of the biggest performers in comedy have performed their. If you come in the summer on Saturday just around the corner is the Farmers market where you can stop by are booth and say hi.

    Comedy usually shows the mood the nation is in for it's time period. Some is funny and some is not. Still Totally ADD

  • BluesBrother

    "Nope I'm not offended. I don't recognise what you're describing either. I often watch Live at the Apollo on TV which is from a London theatre.

    A Muslim man will make fun of Muslims and a gay woman will make fun of gay women. Comedians often make fun of their religious or ethnic background."

    Sure, but what if a non Muslim comic told those jokes or a straight person did about gay people ?

    There is a fine line between prejudice and humour but subjects should not be taboo.

    To me, modern comedies are just not funny.

  • minimus

    I was just reading Shaquille O’Neal was flirting with a host on a TV show and now the backlash has occurred people are offended. They were laughing having a good time, but still people tweeted how uncomfortable they were. It’s crazy out there!

  • iwantoutnow
  • WingCommander

    Andrew Dice Clay made an entire career out of offending people. He used to fill Madison Square Garden several nights in a row. People back in the 80's understood that he was offensive, and that nothing was off limits. So they weren't just laughing at others, but at themselves. That started to change in the mid to late 90's. Political Correctness has run amok. Today's generation of pacifist, pussified, dumbass, fat, gamer, spoiled, gender-confused, bathroom confused, DUMBASSES is the result. If China were to ever try to invade the US, they'd easily overthrow those types.

  • Simon
    A picture has emerged of him 'browning up' at an Arabian themed party from 2001.

    Yeah, and also being touchy-gropey ... something else he's been accused of multiple times.

    He's the epitome of the liberal man, yet is really a racist, woman-assaulting, misogynistic, corrupt and contemptible excuse for a human being.

    Somehow the loonies in Canada think he's competent to be PM. He isn't. He's destroying the country.

    But like the dems further south, he can rely on the media to spin stories and make things disappear. If this was the conservatives, it would be in the news constantly. I'll be surprised if its even mentioned on the CBC, if it is it will be brief and glossed over and they'll swiftly move on.

    His government paid the media nearly $1bn of tax-payers money as a bribe to favour the liberals. He's the dictator that people imagine Trump is. They always start like this. It's like he's got 'dictator' running in his blood ;)

  • minimus

    Trudeau is a handsome man. He’s charming and dazzling on tv. He gets away with a lot

  • Simon

    Thank god for Ricky Gervais and Dave Chappelle, we have some funny comedy to enjoy.

    Have you ever had the misfortune to watch one of the modern female comedians? It's endless unfunny 3rd wave feminist drivel and "I'm funny because I shout 'vagina' a lot".

    So much of what used to be comedy is now taken seriously. Remember Monty Python's Life of Brian and "I want to be a woman, I want to be Loretta, I want to have babies" with "what's the point in fighting for his right to have babies when he can't have em?!" ... nowadays that's government policy because the world is nuts and people don't laugh at idiocy, they believe in it.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    Brown face with a Sikh turban. Cant even get his ethnic groups right. Csnt wait for Halloween. sure to offend " real" witches, cowboys, or spacemen

    Now trump maybe said something to someone. Keep tuned

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