Trump Says Biden “Won” The Election But It Was Rigged

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  • TD
    I think this in a "long shot" attempt.....

    A contingent election. Now that would be something to see. How long has it been? 195 years?

  • WTWizard

    OK, so now what? The decision is now out of our hands, and I think Biden will be installed only to have communist Harris soon installed. This means get ready for severe hardships. All those coronavirus preps are now valid for this communist being our president, so make sure your food pantries are full and that you have enough toilet paper for a while so you don't have to panic buy when everyone and their dog buys it out.

    Also, you will be required to wear face masks everywhere, at all times even in your home alone or in your car while driving alone. They are going to be the new "ties", so plan accordingly and order yours now while they are in ample supply on various sites. You will also be expected to learn Spanish as Harris lets all those immigrants from south of the border in, without expecting them to learn any English at all--and, if you work, you will be expected to communicate with them in Spanish. I expect a transition away from fossil fuels, meaning frequent rolling blackouts across the country. And get ready to lose the whole Internet, or have it heavily censored with sites that allow a degree of freedom shut down.

    And worst of all, get ready for enforced mandatory coronavirus shots for a "disease" that is usually about as serious as a stupid little cold (and if you take your quercetin, which could become illegal under Harris, not even that serious). This vaccine will make you much sicker than this virus. And, freedom of speech will be gone--saying anything bad about this dangerous and detrimental virus that will make you permanently very sick will get you life in prison or the death penalty. As for using the second amendment, Harris has about as much respect for it as the washtowel has for freedom of religion. Which is none. Anyone with a registered gun will be ordered arrested under executive order.

    And, as of now, there is nothing any of us, the people, can do about it.

  • RickJones

    for a "disease" that is usually about as serious as a stupid little cold.

    A Wizard have you looked at the deaths caused by this virus up to date in the US, 246,000, statistically projected to reach 400,000 in couple of months before a vaccine is publicly distributed ???

    that sounds like little bit more than an ordinary cold virus.

    I dont remember hearing about that many dying from an ordinary cold or flu. ???

    I suppose if you caught the virus yourself and had to go to a hospital to save your life you might have a different opinion on the matter.

  • RickJones

    So who here thinks the election was rigged as D Trump has said or was it just that there was a segment of the population that didn't like his leadership and wanted a change ?

  • MeanMrMustard
    It's not true Hillary was the first to promote that, during the primary.

    True. I was not precise enough. It was Hillary’s campaign. Whether it started with Blumenthal, or her campaign manager, not sure.

    The point is that it didn’t start with Trump. But he picked it up. Not that it’s a bad question to ask.

  • DesirousOfChange
  • DesirousOfChange
  • RickJones

    To be noted its easy to say or assert election fraud, its another thing to prove it legally and honestly through acquired evidence..

    That being said in an appeal to support honest counting one shouldn't make it a persistent agenda to be a obstructionist in tried investigations, where there has been information come forward as there being voting fraud.

  • smiddy3

    So trump admits that Biden won the election? and still refuses to concede defeat ?

    Other world leaders understand how USA elections are conducted and have congratulated Biden for winning the election ,but not Trump.

    Is trump making a fool of himself and bringing reproach on the USA system of democracy ? by carrying on the way he is ?

  • minimus


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