UK Child banned from seeing JW videos

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  • usualusername1
  • Iamallcool

    A Huge Like!

  • Iamallcool
    Maybe that will help the father to quit all JW Activities in the very near future.
  • tepidpoultry

    Hey they have "child friendly" activities now for kids at the Sunday Meeting! lol

    (don't fall asleep or you'll die, is that one)

  • zeb

    child friendly.. really? explain please..

  • tepidpoultry

    Hi zeb, that was in reference to the judge's ruling where he noted there were "child friendly" activities at the Sunday meeting


  • freddo

    A good balanced decision by the judge.

  • Thisismein1972

    The positive here is that the powers that be are now starting to take notice of the extremist material that can easily traumatise a child.

    The one negative is that the child still will be subjected to Sunday meetings. I'm sure the elders will put pressure on to the parent involved, and it wouldn't surprise me if this ruling will be ignored in one way or another by the parent.

    After all, we were taught that if the government and it's agencies went against the teachings of Jehovah (insert governing body and watchtower) we were to defy the courts.

  • alanv

    This is really good news, and hopefully many other families that are split will get the same help. Certainly many of the videos aimed at children can cause them very bad emotional damage.

  • John Free
    John Free

    These videos are 'extremist'. This is effectively a western judge ruling such. I know he says because this child is 'impressionable' and that he is likely to be 'influenced' but how many children wouldn't be?!

    Credit to the judge because his hands are tied due to freedom of religion laws and this is probably the best he could do to limit cult indoctrination on this child.

    The judge is well balanced but the system is not since no child should have to face 'emotional damage'!

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