UK Child banned from seeing JW videos

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  • Half banana
    Half banana

    All credit to the judge; Jehovah's Witness propaganda is emotionally abusive to all its members but especially to innocent children who do not have the tools of analysis to evaluate WT instructions. JW children have no choice but to accept the teachings without understanding either the role of religious cults or what normal human life entails.

    The JW org exploit by their assumed authority to bamboozle and threaten youngsters into believing that they must be obeyed. The push is to make out that baptism will be a ticket to paradise.

    It's a trap and it hurts people; the JW religion is abusive. Thank goodness that the law here in the UK is becoming aware of this.

  • Splash

    Looks like this is one child who will not be baptised at 10 years old.

  • darkspilver

    Hi usualusername1 - thanks for the repost / repost

    FYI the story ALSO appears in today's print version of the Daily Telegraph - I've added a scan to the above thread

  • darkspilver

    Link below to the full judgement

    nearly 6,000 words long, but it is a relatively straight forward read - interesting observations:

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