How was your wedding?

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  • ToesUp

    We had a full on JW wedding. 300+ in attendance. Had fun. It was in the 80's when JW's seemed more caring and supportive. No judgement on your spirituality (the JW tasks you perform). Life seemed simpler and more like a family. Sad how things have changed. The organization has created little monsters.

    The status we had before we left (losers) would have never been accepted in this day and age.

    What a sad thing to have to write!

  • TheListener
    Much like ToesUp. Full on JW wedding and reception. Had a great time. It felt much more like one big family back then.
  • keyser soze
    keyser soze

    Mine is coming up in July. We're doing a private ceremony by the river with a few friends and family members. We have a friend who is an ordained minister, who is going to perform the ceremony.

    We decided to forego a fancy, extravagant affair for something small and simple. A lot less stressful.

  • StephaneLaliberte
    We got married at the kingdom hall and got a really good talk. Some of my "worldly" family still talk about that. In and out, we had a good wedding. Still, I regret one thing: I invited 150 JWs and 150 family members. Because of all the JWs, I could not invite 2 very close family members who were disfellowshiped. If I could turn back time, I would have a smaller wedding with family only and forget about the 150 JWs that don't even keep in touch with me today.
  • GoneAwol

    Mine was like a car crash. I cant remember any of it.

    However, we have just celebrated our 25 wedding anniversary. We are more connected than we have ever been. Just fortunate I think.

    And i`m reminded every day that I made the right decision to marry at 18. Totally blind, didn't know what I was doing. Wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

    Still, we have 3 fine daughters, a good life full of adventure, and common goals that bind us as a family together.

    I can honestly say, if we'd stayed "in", we would be divorced by now.

  • rebel8

    Well then I am about to be the wet blanket, so those of you having positive memories, skip this post!

    JW weddings of those close to me that were a lot like funerals. Even the worldly people said so.

    It started from the moment when the audience doesn't stand for the procession of the bride, took a creepy turn when they talked about headship and women being emotional because of their periods, and worsening at the pathetic reception.

    Even though there was food/music/dancing at the reception, there was an undertone of sadness. We were not supposed to celebrate too much because that was worldly. Music was worldly. Being noisy was worldly. Dancing while touching if you're not married was worldly. Grinding your hips too much while dancing is worldly. The elders used to patrol receptions and tap you on the shoulder if the music was too loud or if your dancing wasn't right.

    The prospect of being a jw married couple was the saddest of all. I always felt extremely sad about that. It was like they were getting themselves deeper into a bad religion that was already ruining their lives.

  • jacobm

    congrats, Stan! Beautiful couple! Wish you all the best!

    I always thought the weirdest JW weddings were the ones thrown by the rich Elder, for his daughter. They always had a creepy vibe. I really don't know why. Maybe because of the wedding talk?!

  • BU2B

    Ours was at the kingdom hall, 200 guests at a banquet center. I was so excited to be marrying the person I loved. Even though as a result of this marriage I am "stuck in" I have fond memories of that day

  • kaik
    I am married to Orthodox Jew, but I did not have religious ceremony at all. Nobody from my family came. We tried to keep small, but we had more people than we expected.
  • DesirousOfChange

    It was the biggest all-out party of the decade with over 500 attending the reception. Lots of "1/2 barrels" of beer and a "worldly band" (OMG!). Many uninvited who crashed the event. But weddings were where young single JWs met other single JWs. It was before the big crackdown on worldly music and appointing a "Director" to police everyone & everything.

    A few were noticeably intoxicated, but the biggest offenders were "worldly" and that took the spotlight off of everyone else. It was before the time of aggressive DUI enforcement.

    The most recent JW wedding we attended was a sit-down catered event but there was absolutely no liquor and a DJ (vs a live band) and I was rather surprised at some of the music that was played for dancing. The one prior to that was a "cake & punch" mid-afternoon reception that was mostly for the purpose of receiving gifts.


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