You know it's time to give up the JW religion when your route call tells you to

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  • jambon1

    Lasting memory of the latter period of time in the organisation:

    I had a route call with the magazines whom I'd called on for a number of years. Eventually when I become a parent I became consumed with negativity, doubt (blood issue) & depression. I would call on this lovely older lady and kind of confided in her about being very low, depressed even. I had no one else to turn to.

    I remember one day she said "Jambon, can I be honest with you for a minute? I read these magazines that you give me and I feel that it's your religion they may be depressing you. Your religion tends to focus on very negative, heavy issues. You're a young man. You have a lovely, healthy little family. You should be fillied with optimism and you should be enjoying the best days of your life. I think you need to give consideration to the possibly that your religion may be a big factor".

    Of course, I was embarrassed and she was very kind and apologised for speaking out of turn.

    That woman confirmed what I subconsciously knew already. The religion had dragged a bright, young, successful man in his mid twenties down to the gutter of low self esteem, negativity and depression.

    I left the religion 6 months later.

  • Divergent

    Hey man, I was in the same situation as you! I only wish someone had said to me what this lady told you. . . I did eventually figure things out myself, but I could have woken up much earlier!

    If you haven't done so already, go back to this lady & thank her if possible. It's people like her who make a big difference in the lives of others because they took the initiative to say or do something instead of not caring!

  • carla

    I agree with that lady wholeheartedly! Glad you were able to leave.

    I can see in my own jw when the rags or meetings are more doom & gloom than usual just by his behavior and outlook on life. I can also tell when he has been with someone different in the car group (?) or however that works. His personality changes with the mags & who has been spending time with. Guess it is true for all of us to some degree but non jw's can be nuts all by themselves without the aid of cultish doctrines, rules & regulations and looking forward to bad news and horrific world events.

  • zeb

    ditto. trying to be the provider the parent the husband and a good employee as well as be perfect and please everyone else.. while getting sniped at by the 'self-righteous' class all the while........

    we can only barely wonder a the outcome if the 'massage' had been a happy one..

  • Xanthippe

    Thanks Jambon, your experience reminds me to never give up on the JWs I know or come across in the street because that brave lady cared enough to help you see the religion was damaging you.

  • Life is to short 2
    Life is to short 2

    Thanks for sharing thst. it really was helpful to me.

  • jambon1

    Nice comments.

    It makes me feel for those still in that desperately want to be free.

    At one time, the feeling of wanting to live a normal life and get to choose who I have in my life instead of having those in the cong forced upon you, was at fever pitch in me. It was like a burning desire. Until I got the strength to leave I was utterly miserable.

    Now a decade on, I've carved out a lovely life and friends group and my outlook on life is like night and day. I can't begin to imagine living a single day in their 'spiritual' routine. It nearly killed me man.

  • Vidiot

    If your religion is making you miserable, there's something wrong with your religion.

  • blondie

    It's time to leave when you cannot give a believable explanation of your religion's doctrine to non-members, or to yourself. Or at least stop goring door to door. Maybe start researching why you have doubts. Then leave. The abuse is not worth staying.

  • OneGenTwoGroups

    Had a Bible Student tell me: "I just don't see a problem with birthdays."

    To myself I said: "Me neither."

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