CO's talk on loyalty

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    LoisLane looking for Superman

    The CO sounds more likely he was disturbed / jealous that he had given up any normal life and children and normal working job and planning for retirement (by his own choice) to serve his God and in his mind, his God doesn't like people going on vacations, especially golfing trips when the Elders come back and mention teeing off at some exotic location. And his wife doesn't have any extra cash to go shopping and buy anything and it upsets her. So this becomes something wrong in (only) his mind.

    Wife swapping among JDubs? Yes it happens but not that often. Child abuse still happens all the time. Why didn't he talk about that? Because he has no children so is not personally concerned? But golfing and money for shopping does?

    Where is this guys priorities?

    If he said wanting to keep the congo clean we will remain loyal to God by reporting child abuse as soon as we learn of this criminal activity in the congregation to the proper authorities which is the Police so they can take care of it properly and throughally. No. They tell the Elders to keep it quiet, under wraps, and call Legal department to let their paid Lawyers look into it. Shameful.

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