What Did You HATE Most About Being a Jehovah's Witness?

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  • minimus

    monk, I get the drift.........................

  • Skeptic

    Having to put a hold on so many good things in life just to attend yet another repititious meeting or go in field service. I figured that Jehovah was amazingly inefficient.

    I have a wide variety of interests. I figured that Jah built into us interests in science, art, mechanics, etc....then tells us not to use them.

    Having to attend 3 meetings a week when one would easily teach us as much? (OK...one a year would do).

    Jah knows when the "end" is....yet he has us preach that the end is coming for 120 years and it still hasn't come? With a little thought, he could have us preach door to door and still do the same amount of good...and we could each have a life beyond the KH.

    And I won't even talk about the "Jehovah's" view of sex.....which alone changed my entire moral code. The JW God is either very incompetent or a real bastard. Still building a Universe shows competence, I figured out he was a bastard.

    I could never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever do enough. I was a little mouse on a wheel. It is very very frustrating being a jw.
    I hated that too.....no matter how much a JW does, it is always "I am glad you did that....but couldn't you do just a little bit more?" Jah could never be pleased.
  • Austrian

    The hard work it took to lead a double life...

    When my cong would have the Sunday meeting in the afternoon during the NFL season...

    Giving talks at the TMS...

    Having the CO over for dinner during his visit and having to put on the perfect jdub family act...

    Our family study and doing the daily text...

    And the countless wasted hours selling mags...

  • Hapgood

    I would have to say going out in field service, commenting at meetings, and the TMS. I'm a shy person by nature, knocking on peoples doors was sheer torture for me. I have trouble with speaking in front of an audience so the TMS was bad news for me. When I get nervous I tend to hyper-ventilate, didn't sound real pretty going over the sound system (hey, somebody get that sister a bag). I guess I didn't make a good salesman publisher.


  • minimus

    To be a good JW, you have to learn to do things that are unnatural. For example, you must ENJOY speaking to strangers on their doorsteps. You must go in front of large crowds and memorize a speech or skit. You must be "bold". If you are a male, you are "EXPECTED" to "reach out" to be prominent within the organization. Yes, being a Witness is against nature.

  • rocketman
    I could never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever do enough.

    Cults have that trait - the emphasis is on earning salvation. But who could ever do enough to earn it?

  • minimus

    That's why they say "you can't earn undeserved kindness". all the bases are covered.

  • rocketman

    The list would be a lot shorter if we were being asked to list what we liked most about being jws.

    For me, it was the tremendous amount of time involved in being a jw and keeping acceptable levels of activity up. This peaked when I was an elder. I felt that my identity had been lost and that I was simply a cog in the WT wheel. It seemed that everything in my life had become jw-oriented.

    I also hated the judgemental attitudes that are fostered by the religion. Sure, they can talk a good game and cite Jesus' words about straws and rafters. But it's a religion full of judgemental poeple and attitudes.

  • obiwan

    I hated not being able to make or keep friends in the world, there were some real good people I had to let go.

  • minimus

    The worst thing for people is to "disown" their families and friends and years later realize how duped they were.

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