Help - I'm going to be conducting the watchtower study

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  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    Be careful not to use terms from "Christendom" such as "Jesus is our savior", "are you saved"? or whatever. I used to ask, "are we in a saved condition?" ie: living up to our dedication and not practicing sin by putting faith in Jesus blood. I never mentioned "doing the preaching work" or placing magazines etc. The mags are pretty rigid, I'm not sure how you can insert any brain teasers. I think I would need the article being considered to answer your question. You can do it, all the best.

  • kairos

    During the part on beards, make sure to hold up a large picture of CT Russel...

    Take comments.


    Or not :D

  • DJS

  • George One Time
    George One Time

    Well, I had to do it for a period of time too. Tried to focus on details in Bible accounts that are seldom emphasized, like the enormous number of killed people (comparing it with the size of our assembies) and other tricky stuff. Brothers and sisters love it to hear new things... and after all it is in the Bible, so you can't go wrong

  • sparrowdown

    No matter what you say you're still serving kool-aid.

    So you could ask

    What flavour of kool-aid do you like brothers and sisters?


    How did you enjoy your kool-aid this morning?


    Please, brothers and sisters only answer directly from the propoganda.

  • oldskool

    I have little information regarding your motivations for remaining an Elder with these sorts of privileges. I would imagine there is some part of you that wants this task? I'll try and peek at your back story.

    Personally, I say either do the job your asked to do don't do it at all.

    In fact, I would argue that if you simply make the job your own and do better than the WTS want's it done, it would have more lasting impact with people. Ditch the probing questions and instead just try to be funny and likable. Use charisma. If you ever leave the group, they will remember you more fondly. Somebody who they looked forward to hearing talk.

    Those meetings are less about the beliefs than you think. Just my 2 cents.

  • berrygerry

    For BS topics like the overlapping generation, or anything else:

    "Now if we had a householder ask " ... ," how could we respond using only the Bible?"

  • Daniel1555

    Just say "I am sorry, but no, I won't take the WT study."

    Be persistent. If they want an answer you can tell them that it is because of personal reasons.

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    Tell them something like "Jesus came to save the world". Don't tell them he came to save them; that's a tip off to apostasy. If you use the word "world" your audience will know indirectly that it applies to them as well.

  • leaving_quietly

    If you have to do this, and you want to get them thinking just a little, take note of any secular quotes, and ask: "Did anyone do any personal research on where this quote was from?"

    Or if the quotes have the ellipsis in them, you can ask, "Did anyone look up the full quote by this (scientist, physician, whatever.)?"

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