Circus Assembly Jaw Dropper

by Slidin Fast 34 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • ToesUp

    Most of the CO's we have come across, in the years in the cult, just DON'T and never will get it. They are sheltered from the real world and are owned by WT. They are financially bound by WT and their little green handshakes. What came out of their pie holes were not worth worrying about. In fact, the last CO, was the one who made the decision for us, that we don't belong in this cult. A true self serving, arrogant ass hat!

  • FedUpJW

    I am a meat eater. I tolerate vegans. I am a vegan. I tolerate meat eaters. Respect for the freedom of choice of my fellow man. How is this basic concept deemed divisive?

    As a meat eater with no desire to change I can say that if everyone would do things MY WAY and eat meat there would be no division between meat eaters and vegans. (That was some sarcasm in case anyone actually thought I would genuinely think that way)

  • Finkelstein

    Since CO 's live off the organization financially, it would be understandable to the reason why someone would say something like that

    Likewise for the GB members.

    It equates to power and money $$$

    Money is really the core spirit of the organization after all justified by divine channeled power.

    ..... " So help us god, Amen "

  • LongHairGal

    TOES UP:

    I never had any use for circuit overseers. They’re the ones who egged on idiots in the kingdom hall to criticize people (like me) who worked full time and didn’t pioneer..Now, I’m glad I stuck to my guns.

    I also laughed back then when they asked who was going to put up the parasite and his wife (with their dietary needs)..As far as I was concerned these ingrates could eat at a fast food place and have a no. 5 with fries!

    As far as green handshakes (a term I learned here on the forum), I cannot believe people were gullible enough to give them anything.


    You become a CO for a reason. Let’s just see it it’s repeated. It may just be one CO going on a rant.

    We had a CO directly contradict the Flock book by saying, “ If you associate with disfellowshipped relatives, you’ll be disfellowshipped too!!”

    The Flock book does not teach that. Was this CO ranting, or did he simply let slip the unwritten “code red” of the GB??


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