Why is Trump so effective???

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  • TheFadingAlbatros

    For many people living within or outside the USA Mr. Trump is The American Dream Personified.

  • sir82

    For many people living within or outside the USA Mr. Trump is The American Dream Personified.

    One of the best descriptions of Trump that I've heard is that he is "a poor person's image of what a rich person is."

  • littlerockguy


    Are you rich or poor

  • freemindfade
    1.) Trump's administration has gutted the State Department and is severely curtailing the US' ability to respond to world events.

    Ok, lets start here. It wasn’t a big deal when Janet Reno and Bill Clinton did it back in the day, its not a big deal now. The “tribe” of the left and its dog on a leash media is feeding you more silly outrage. As usual the regressive left’s memory is very short and selective, like a few weeks ago they hated the CIA now they love the CIA. And when I say left I don’t mean you Coded, I think you are probably a middle dweller without the tribe of left or right like myself.

    2.) Trump has put in charge of the EPA a man who doesn't believe in global warming.

    This is bad and scares me too. No Bueno. This is worthy of people speaking up, sadly I think it doesn’t get enough attention because MSM is busy making stories about the exploits of Kelly Anne Conway and the rest of the media circus crew.

    3.) Trump wants to cut funding to the the UN by over 50% which would cripple peace keeping operations all across the globe.

    How useful is the UN in actual peacekeeping? Here are some failures:




    Khmer Rouge (Cambodia)






    Srebrenica massacre

    South African Apartheid

    Iraq Food for Oil program

    Handling of the cold war

    Middle East peace process

    Kashmir province dispute

    Cancellations of investigations against Lybia, Cuba, Belarus, Sudan

    Policy against terrorism

    Policy against child abuse

    Policy against Human Trafficking

    Policy against Slavery

    The UN is at best a joke.

    44 out of 127 resolutions by the United Nations Human Rights council, up to 2014, are against Israel. So 35%, over a third of the violations of human rights in the world occur in Israel, and the remaining 65% by... the rest of world. I am sorry does that make any sense???

    Contrast that with

    Sudan – 1

    Afghanistan - 1

    Iran - 2

    Libya (Former Human Rights Council president...I shit you not) - 3

    Yemen - 3

    Syria - 10 (Somebody should tell that to the family of Aylan and Galip, the two drowned Syrian children, they would be glad to hear it isn't that bad there)

    Israel - 44...

    How about The United Nations Women's Rights Council.

    UN Claims Israel is World’s Worst Violator of Women’s Rights in the world http://www.algemeiner.com/2015/03/20/un-claims-israel-is-worlds-worst-violator-of-womens-rights/

    Not Syria. Where government forces routinely employ rape and other sexual violence and torture against women as a tactic of war.

    Not Saudi Arabia. Where women are physically punished if not wearing compulsory clothing.

    Not Sudan. Where domestic violence is not prohibited. There is no minimum age for ‘consensual’ sex.

    Not Iran. Where every woman who registered as a presidential candidate in the last election was disqualified.

    Not Congo. In which decades of Mass Sex abuse and rape have gone un-handled by the U.N.


    4.) Trump wants to cut funding to the coast guard by 1.3 billion dollars which would allow illegal drugs and weapons to flood into the country like never before.

    I think there may be a contrast to his focus on border security, I am not really sure though, I have to claim ignorance on this one. But in any event weapons and illegal drugs are flooding the country already, the coast guards impact must be negligible.

    5.) Trump wants to cut funding to the TSA and FEMA by over 900 million dollars which would make already long airport lines even longer and severely inhibit our ability to react to natural disasters and provide funding to states declaring emergencies.

    This is too bad, but still not feeling the out rage though. But I don’t agree with him

    6.) Trump wants to increase our nuclear arsenal which increases the risk of proliferation and increases the likelihood of other countries starting nuclear programs.

    I also don’t agree with him. But still not running to a bomb shelter yet lol.

    7.) Trump is poised to start a trade war with our two biggest partners in trade - China and Mexico which could skyrocket the price of food and goods here in the states.

    It could, but they could also fold. Where are out balls? We bend over and take it in the butt from the rest of the world and are so afraid to take a strong stance. We play the worlds police, and consumer, but we are somehow afraid of upsetting them? Again, the effects of this are not known, why jump to conclusions.

    8.) Trump has said he wont defend members of NATO which has greatly increased the threat of Russia to our European allies.

    Who pays the NATO bill?

    "We spend about 75 percent of the entire cost of the military aspect of NATO. Given the fact that France has a very good health care system and free public education, college education for their people, the U.K. has a good National Health Service and they also provide fairly reasonable higher education, you know what, yeah, I do believe that the countries of Europe should pick up more of the burden for their defense."- Bernie Sanders

    This is about a half true statement in reality, it’s a very complicated thing to decipher. Really America represents 72% of NATO, that doesn’t fall within NATO itself. Obviously part of America’s role is forces, equipment, and bases around Europe. So NATO or no NATO, America is paying a lot of money to protect Europe. That’s good for us, but maybe more should come from Europe to protect itself… no???

    9.) Trump as made of White House Press Office a bad joke and the office of the President lacks all credibility. When the wolves really do show up no one is going to believe Trump because he's cried wolf WAY too many times.

    Opinion, Obama did have a much more eloquent and mutual masturbating relationship with the press. Trump I feel uses the circus that is the media against them. I agree, but I also don’t feel this is worth safe space outrage.

    10.) Trump is making health care unaffordable to the lower middle class but is giving huge healthcare tax breaks to the rich.

    I don’t care because I am screwed either way. Obamacare made it worse for me than before, if Trump scraps it, it will still be not great for me. I am failed to be outraged once again.

    To change things all this self-gratifying outrage needs to go the f-ck away. Even if he is doing somethings wrong, actions and cool heads speak grater volumes than anyone standing up to fly their own virtue flag for their selected tribal ideology. If anyone is going to fix this and change things, it’s not Left or Right tribal nonsense. The outrage culture that now exists is SELFISH. Not effective.

  • nonjwspouse

    FOF excellent point you have. Some of my left leaning friends have turned rabid. This is one of the reasons I believe why. They feel a loss of the previous control and can't figure out how to deal with it.

    Media outlets like CNN have obliterated the lines between opinion and news and activist journalists took it upon themselves to influence voters rather than inform them. People can see the bias and judged the media/left accordingly. All that hysteria HELPS TRUMP.
    Sir, why is it so unreasonable to think the outraged left and the media lapdog plays any role in this still?
  • freemindfade
    Some of my left leaning friends have turned rabid.

    It's purely anecdotal, but I have observed more from the left-tribe SHUNNING those of the right-tribe or even tribeless for simply disagreeing with them. I have not seen that from conservatives or libertarians. That is just my experience though.

    A friend of mine told me this morning referring to our bipartisan politics, that its tribalism, and being an EXJW broke him of anything tribal. I feel philosophically most people in this country are more libertarian, just wanting freedoms and agreeing with some things but not all. I find it silly to join a political "team"

    They feel a loss of the previous control and can't figure out how to deal with it.

    yes, and they are lead by emotion (kinda like religion). The American left has become and emotional basketcase. And most the MSM media outlets are pumping out outrage propaganda. They dangle the hate Trump carrot in front of everyone and they follow it right into a hissy fit whether or not its warranted. The firing of the attorneys is a good example, there is really nothing new or unusual about that, HOWEVER, according to CNN! woah ho ho LOOK OUT. lmao. Between CNN and Celebrities telling them what to believe, oy vey...


  • Vidiot

    "...The American Dream Personified."

    "...a poor person's image of what a rich person is."

    I think both qualify... and are equally depressing.

  • freemindfade


    Rubin is the man!

    "We have the media who cries Trump"

  • sir82

    Maybe his act is finally wearing thin...maybe some Republicans are finally growing a pair:


    By pushing the administration to produce evidence — or else — they are effectively putting the ball back in the executive branch's court. The subtext: You can't just make these claims and then ask us to deal with the fallout.

  • freemindfade

    Or maybe it will be like his taxes, he will drag everyone along then leak the evidence himself to Rachel Maddow lol

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