Why is Trump so effective???

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  • Simon

    The media and the left are complete idiots who can't focus on the important.

    Of all the things to focus on, that Skeletor Barbie said "microwave cameras" in an interview ...

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Trump has no filter, is silly, brash, narcissistic and impulsive.

    His policies deserve criticism and there are genuine concerns that Trump leads a country with nuclear weapons

    But whether he has a similar personality compared to Amin (or any of the other loony African dictators - there's a lot to choose from) is moot. The US has a system of checks and balances to limit the power of its president. Uganda in the 70s did not. It's that simple.

  • freemindfade
    The media and the left are complete idiots who can't focus on the important.
    Of all the things to focus on, that Skeletor Barbie said "microwave cameras" in an interview

    agreed, there are two parts to his effectiveness, the first is the OP, the second is the media's irresistible appetite to take the bait.

  • snowbird

    The US has a system of checks and balances ...

    For now, but this system is steadily losing its effectiveness.


  • freemindfade

    Everytime I hear the media say anything about Trump/Spicer/Conway/etc

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  • sir82


    Why do topics about Trump inevitably turn to the same old trope of "the left are such idiots"?

    Seems like "Poster X posts criticism of Trump" is a different topic than "mainstream media and/or the 'regressive left' are fools".

    Why not address the thread topic?

  • freemindfade


    I agreed with the OP, I also agree the American left is stupid so I agreed with Simon, what's wrong with that lol. Do they have no role in it? I mean they are the main reason he even got elected, they should have some bearing. I think what Coded logic said was correct, but you also have to factor in the another side (not only trump) to the phenomenon.

    The left has massively exaggerated the danger of Trump, especially to certain minority groups and has found a mainstream media compliant, even eager in their efforts to consciously aid in spreading propaganda, hyperbole, even lies in the cause of opposing Trump. That's not saying he is faultless, but the media is crying wolf too damn much.

    Mass hysteria is a kind of delusion that fits well with people who consider themselves "victims." Trump hate is easy to promote. Every time people becoming unreasonably unhinged it's giving him further advantage. How is that not part of the discussion?

    If Democrats want to continue to go down the hysteria route, Republicans and Donald Trump are not going to care. Such irrational behavior by Democrats will only be of benefit to Republicans. It’s up to the Democrats if they want to be the opposition party or the crazy opposition party.

  • Ruby456

    good point sir

    I think Trump is so successful because he is not a politician and cos he isn't it as if he speaks almost directly to populism which has lost confidence in politics and politicians.

    imo this is going from the frying pan into the fire


    Why is Trump so effective?



    There You Have It!


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  • freemindfade

    Media outlets like CNN have obliterated the lines between opinion and news and activist journalists took it upon themselves to influence voters rather than inform them. People can see the bias and judged the media/left accordingly. All that hysteria HELPS TRUMP.

    Sir, why is it so unreasonable to think the outraged left and the media lapdog plays any role in this still?

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