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  • ttdtt
    OverlappingGeneralizations3 minutes agoEver notice in the new "Silver Sword" that the page headings in Psalms, some say "Psalm" and some say "Psalms". Flip through, you'll see it. It just bugs my OCD, lol.

    It says Psalm when the page contains only 1 Psalm - it says Psalms when the page has more than 1 verse (or psalm) on the page.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    God's name ain't Jealous any more. . . ..

    See Exodus 34:14 (NNWT).

  • Saltheart Foamfollower
    Saltheart Foamfollower

    Some excellent comments so far, but I think the point might have been missed. I am very aware that the revised nwt changed many verses when released. What I was trying to highlight here was that the "silver sword" - the most recent printed version - is now out of date because at least one verse has been altered in the online version of the bible.


  • slimboyfat

    22 words cut to 15 words and then cut down to 13 words.

    Is there any way to keep track of these changes?

  • jwleaks

    Give the JWs a little slack. It must be very difficult for them to read conflicting "truths" between what the Bible actually says and what the Watchtower magazine actually teaches.

    It is only to be expected that the official JW bible would be revised and constantly updated to fit in with the new light published in the Watchtower magazine.

    Keep in mind the publishing precedent set by the Watchtower magazine in reducing the number of pages and volume of words printed, of which was then adopted into the bible by reducing the number of pages and volume of words printed in the bible, which then set the scriptural precedent to justify the previous reduction of the Watchtower magazine.

    These changes to the bible were prophecied in the bible in the revised version of the prophecy which stated "the light gets brighter".

  • millie210
    Millie210: Could it be the Org doesnt want people to think they can gather in small groups?
    Unless of course it is in basements hiding from police...(as in the 2016 drama videos!)

    Too true Stuck!

  • BluesBrother

    Great catch!...... I wonder why they changed it? The revised NWT is just 3 years old and already altered again.

    I grant that this change seems minor but, as you say, I wonder what else they are changing without notice? It means that at any time if you read a verse from the printed Bible,you can never be sure that someone reading it off his IPad will see the same text ........

  • baker

    As stated in the foreword to the original English edition of the New World Translation: “We offer no paraphrase of the Scriptures. Our endeavor all through has been to give as literal a translation as possible, where the modern English idiom allows and where a literal rendition does not for any clumsiness hide the thought.” Thus, the New World Bible Translation Committee has endeavored to strike a balance between using words and phrasing that mirror the original and, at the same time, avoiding wording that reads awkwardly or hides the intended thought. As a result, the Bible can be read with ease and the reader can have full confidence that its inspired message has been transmitted faithfully.—1 Thessalonians 2:13.

    This is a statement on page 1721 of the 2013 NWT, which is so full of hogwash, I find it hard to read without asking who actually believes this. Its like the unknown authors of this put themselves above any and all scholars from the past 2000 years, and only they can correctly intrepret the scriptures.

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