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  • hooberus

    There are alot of new members here, and I just wanted to say that although most here don't believe that the WT is "God's Organization" there are many such as myself (I have never been a JW) that believe that the Bible is inspired scripture*. Loosing faith in a religious organization does not necessarily mean that you must also loose faith in God. I have a personal relationship withn the God of the Bible and can tell you that he is real and wonderful.

    There are certain (I believe scriptural) teachings which you should re-evaluate in the light of the scriptures. I hope to post some important information on these in other threads.

    *I realise that many here do not believe the Bible to be scripture. This thead is not directed towards thoe who hold this view, but respectfully to those who do consider the bible to be scripture.

  • berylblue

    Wonderful post.

    But what about those of us who are honestly not certain any more?


  • shamus

    I, too, would like to say welcome to everyone. There seems to be so many here lately that are new!


    If you are not sure anymore, look at both sides carefully. Talk and chat is good! It will clear up any doubts that you have, whichever way you go. (that is, even back to the witnesses). I don't agree that this is the way to do it, but you need to decide what is best for you. Many people go back, get reinstated and do the slow fade.... it's totally up to you. Sure is hard when your family treats you like you were dead!


  • gambit
    But what about those of us who are honestly not certain any more?

    I second that... It's not that I do or don't, I just keep searching... I believe that makes me agnostic...

    I hate being spiritually ambivalent because it sounds like such a cop-out... but I love being spiritually ambivalent because I feel so much more open to different perspectives.


  • logansrun

    Oh, there's no doubt the Bible is scripture. But, inspired? I no chink so.


  • onacruse

    hooberus, I appreciate the open-handedness of your post. Dialogue won't happen unless we feel free to express ourselves without fear of being hammered.

    When I first came to this board, I totally believed that the Bible was the inspired word of God, with a few very specific reservations. I've learned a lot over the course of this last year, and am still learning.

    imho the main thing is not what we believe, but are we really examining why we believe it. That's growth.


  • mizpah


    Thanks for this posting. I've found that some XJWs have abandon all faith in the Bible and Christianity. But I've also noticed that many of their postings are geared to "tearing down" and not "building up." Perhaps, it is because they have nothing to offer in its stead.

    But something is accomplished with their agnostic/athiestic views. It tests our own Christian faith and strengthens our resolve.

  • logansrun


    Perhaps, it is because they have nothing to offer in its stead.

    Let me throw out a completely hypothetical scenario to you. Let's say that Christianity is actually false. Now, I'm not asking for you to believe this or anything, but just think for a moment what it would be like. Now -- what are you supposed to put in it's place? If there is nothing to replace a false belief with, does that mean one should simply cling to the false belief and not say anything negative about it?

    Again, this is purely hypothetical for you. But, just think about what that means.


    BTW -- I'm not a Christian and feel that there ARE other things to "replace it" with, although they may not be up to your or my liking.

  • mizpah


    If you can offer me something better than "love your neighbor as yourself" or "love God with your whole heart, soul and mind" I might be interested. What do you offer to "replace it?"

  • gambit

    ** Quickly edited out **

    Hooberus -- I missed your disclaimer and jumped right in.... my apologies.
    Mizpah -- I'll use a different thread to discuss alternatives.


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