If the Org. confessed they were not God's org. Would you still be there and was that the main reason you stayed

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  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Many are in the JW cult because it gives them an identity. They formerly did not know who they were or what the hell was going on. Becoming a JW gave them a platform to view the world, a very jaundiced viewpoint but a foothold, an anchorage point. The club they have joined is like a surrogate family; all deluded but a kind of family nevertheless and with an over the top hope of defying death and living in paradise.

    Putting a JW on the spot and telling them the org admits they are wrong only increases their grip on their futile delusion, even if there are paedophiles in the congos and corrupt elders and lying GB; the pain of losing club membership and loss of the ticket to paradise is too much to bear.

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  • Vidiot
    tor1500 - "...the reason they have to turn on so many NEW LIGHTS is when this religion got started they wanted to be so far away from other religions...they dug too deep..."

    I view it more as "having bitten off more than their successors could chew", but that's just me.

    To-may-to, to-mah-to...

  • Fisherman

    It does not make JW God's organization because they say so.

  • Ucantnome

    I recently said to someone that I feel it was inevitable that although I was raised a JW that I would ultimately leave.

    Although I felt I had and have a love for God I never liked the organisation, going to the meetings, the assemblies, the idea of being a servant or elder, answering at meetings, the idea of bethel service or pioneering, etc. I felt I didn't understand a lot of the deeper things, I didn't enjoy bible reading reading or studying, I didn't like some bible characters, I felt I liked Peter most didn't like Paul. (I enjoy reading Paul's writings now)

    My actions I think showed it was inevitable. I did pioneer but I never would have done it without the encouragement of my relatives. I wasn't good at it, some still laugh about it. When I was old enough I didn't attend the summer assemblies, I slipped into the meetings as they started and slipped out as they ended. As an adult I never even carried the roving microphone although asked (sometimes they are willing to scrape the bottom of the barrel if it's a necessity). I was seldom on the school and didn't own a suit.

    However I stayed as believed it was God's organisation and so if they said they weren't I would have left sooner.

  • tor1500

    Hi Halfbanana,

    You hit the nail on the head....I've never knew how to put it in words, but you said exactly what I think...Many JW's feel they are nothing, so the org, makes them feel worthy....& you are so right, many think they will not die but just cross over into paradise....

    They don't give a hill of beans of whether it's God's org or not...THEY HAVE FOUND A PLACE TO BELONG...a place that accepts. For some it's the family life they never had...I speak to many of the friends and their backgrounds are something else, it's a wonder they survived.....


    That's so true, they did bite off more than they could chew....I don't think they ever thought the day would come when they would have to back peddle on the scriptures....as I used to say when I was little...(The Org)..They think themselves so smart.

    @Fisherman, exactly, just because someone said it was God's org. doesn't necessarily make it so....but what convinces them that it's God's org. is because of the preaching work, they claim what other religion is doing what they are doing and it must be blessed by Jehovah because the preaching work is still going on ......it could only happen because of Jehovah....this is not my thought, remember I'm in the hall, & this is what they say..Not thinking God must bless other orgs. as well....what came to my mind is IBM....been around for ages...they have influenced the Tech world all over the world....is that God's doing?

    Just like they say, Jesus came in 1918 or 1919 but in 1914, he became king...how do they know? They Don't...but they know you can't step to them because this stuff is all invisible and you ain't anointed so you got to listen to us...Everything the org. claims is invisible...

    It's a good thing Jesus didn't have any children because 8 million JW's would say they are a descendants of Jesus...that's just how chosen they think they are...


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