Scripture fatigue

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  • New day
    New day
    I wondered why I felt so fatigued over many years from hearing the same things again and again at the meetings. Even the scriptures become too familiar. A few days ago I quickly read through all the gospels and realised I knew all the verses in detail. So when they are wheeled out again and again we become bored, even with great truths. Maybe better to try to just live by moral precepts without being bludgeoned by them all the time?
  • 2+2=5

    The constant reminders are needed all though mind numbingly repetitive. Just think about a world where people neglected the very foundation of Gods commandments.....

    Imagine all the bowing down to false Gods, the countless hours spent carving out graven images while screaming out blasphemy. To top it all off all these hideous crimes could take place on the sabbath day!!!.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    LOL, yeah I hear you!!!!

    I remember countless times, the ''over righteous'' ones out and about just going about their daily business. Quoting scriptures left, right and centre word by word. It's like they had a built-in Bible in their head(s) or something.

    I know at the meetings those worn-out scriptures too. The guy up on stage referring to a scripture and by the time you get to the verse in the Bible he starts reading and you figure ''why bother finish following with him, I've heard it a billion times'', LOL!!!

  • blondie

    I had heard Matthew 24:45-57, I didn't realize what verse 44 said....

    Or Matthew 28:19,20 and I didn't realize what verse 18 said

    Or scriptures read may times but realized that Jesus when talking about the Pharisees, religious leaders, he was describing the elders in the congregation.

    I started bringing other versions of the bible...that was eye-opening too.

    I found that most jws were piss-poor at even quoting and applying frequently used scriptures especially when we played bible verse memory card games.

    Well, may be I was strange.

  • prologos
    having to memorise where these ideas were in the bible . chapter and verse took the life out of the enterprise, now proudly only carry a note book to meetings.
  • JWdaughter
    I never knew all the beatitudes, just that the meek would inherit the earth. They made that passage all about their agenda and I never had a sense of what jesus was talking about. Still irritates me. Bible believers, my foot! The bible is a tool to push their agenda.
  • stuckinarut2


    The context of those familiar scriptures is SO vital to read....

  • WireRider

    The WT/JW cherry picks versus of the Bible only. If you really pick out 30% of the Bible you can really claim it means what ever you want it to mean. Repetition is certainly KEY in pounding their belief home to control people, but it is a tool also to control people from reading the verses they DON'T want you reading. It's a foundation of brainwashing.

    You could probably pick out certain versus for a brochure that claim only fish on Wednesdays, only in a tent outside, and women must serve it to men. An some stupid idea that no one gets to have birthdays.

  • WireRider
    The WT/JW very intentionally forces everyone away from the Trinity - which was the very intent of the New Testament. It was the only purpose that they picked and choose those particular writings to create the New Testament and settle the argument once and for all. Russell was so wrong.
  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    Maybe better to try to just live by moral precepts without being bludgeoned by them all the time?

    I grew tired of agonizing over what people think and have to say about what god does or doesn't want. JW's sucked all the joy out of learning or discovering things for myself and are responsible for turning me away from God and the bible and from religion altogether. I'm goin' it on my own from now good.

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