How to convince someone to leave.

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  • punkofnice

    Hello Smiruk,

    It's best to take your time. As others will have told you, your parents are probably so zealous they will swallow the party line from Watchtower corporation hook, line and sinker.

    Best be very careful, you can't coerce people to leave the WBT$ unless they want to.

    Just ask sincere yet impossible questions from time to time, possibly in 'family study(tm)'.

    Don't be blatantly 'apostate(tm)' with them, Watchtower mind control might turn them into not such nice parents.

    Beware. Cautious as doves, subtle as serpents, as they say.

  • Normalfulla

    I liked a simple question I saw on twitter recently. .."if it wasnt the truth ..then how would you find out ?"

  • Phoebe

    Waking up is painful, especially for those who have been in it for years. I suffered the worst panic attacks when I started to realise it wasn't the truth. I'd wake up in the middle of the night in a terrible state. I was so confused and lost and very angry.

    My husband drip fed me bits about the organization prior to me seeing it for myself. So you have to go slowly because finding out it's not the truth after you've dedicated years to it - it's huge and very frightening - and people don't want to be told that.

    Gently does it. A sincere question, occasionally. Sow seeds.

  • Rainbow_Troll

    There are a lot of sound, logical, ethical reason to leave the Watchtower and I encourage you to look into them; but when it comes to your family or any other JW I'm afraid that there is only one reason they will accept: you would rather sin than serve Jehovah. Tell them you're gay, addicted to heroin or whatever and it will be easier on you than if you told them your true reason for leaving.

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  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    Acquire as much education as possible. This will help with your finances and independence.

    For the moment, use this site for venting while the ideal time to leave comes, years down the road.


  • Old Navy
    Old Navy

    The style of "speech" which characterizes Cult Programming Language is quite different from the way "normal" clear-thinking people speak. Listen carefully to how "thoughts" in the talks are phrased paying attention to the "fear inspiring words." Observe carefully how the literature thoughts are phrased to maximize fear and obedience to Organization Edict. Neural Linguistic Programming can be very powerful in a negative way when peculiarly phrased "cues" are repeated several times each week. Repetition is a key element of Mind Control Techniques coupled with "activity overload" which induces a mind state akin to sleep deprivation or hypnotic trance. Those who produce the talk outlines and who write the literature articles are well versed in the techniques. Yes, the process is very similar to hypnotism.

  • Smiruk

    Thanks for the overwhelming support everyone. I'm going to be unable to post for a bit, but feel free to keep the replies coming, as I will check them out once I'm able to post again.

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