How to convince someone to leave.

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  • Chook

    Welcome Smiruk ,You really can't convince anybody ,they have to come to that conclusion themselves, directing someone to challenge the belief system is difficult but not impossible. Just stick with facts you can't go wrong with facts, stay away from interpreting scripture. Think of your own indoctrination therapy first , the evils of this cult run deep.

  • steve2

    I cannot think of anything you could say that would have JWs side with you. As Paul Simon wrote in the Boxer, "Still a man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest."

  • scratchme1010

    Anyways, I've been thinking of coming out for a while now and when I do I want to have a reason why they should leave too. Anyone have any good points I could make?

    Not sure why, but your post doesn't sound real to me. Probably because you don't give a lot of details. In any event, if you are still living with your parents and feel ready to make that decision, you should be able to feel capable of living on your own. Are you an adult? If so, can you support yourself? If so, why are you still living with your parents?

    If you are not an adult, then you are to follow your parents rules for as long as they support you and they are legally bound to take care of you. If that's the case, then prepare to leave when you are old enough to do so.

    Just telling your parents, the people who are putting a roof over you, that you want to leave, or convincing them that what they believe to be the best way of raising you is based on nonsense may not be on your best interest.

    If you know the basics on the JWs by now you should know that it's not just leaving or convincing them; it's about a number of decisions that they have made, including the way they chose to raise you, that you are up against.

    Prepare for it by becoming as independent as possible. Living under their roof may not be in your best interest.

  • Smiruk

    @scratchme1010 To make it clear, I am a minor, 15 years of age, and my father is an elder. I wasn't planning on leaving until I was 19 (Or 18 if I'm ready at that point) so I could support myself. I understand if you think my post sounds fake, but I have no reason to lie about this.

  • shepherdless

    Welcome, and well done at working it all out, smiruk!

    It is great to see so many young ones reaching out, for facts, logic and evidence.

    You ask a question about how to wake your parents up. (Or that is how I interpret your question). It is very difficult to do so. That video that you put up gives you an understanding of the psychology, and what you are up against. Another good video (arguably better) is "bending truth" by Theremin Trees, which goes further into the psychology.

  • Old Navy
    Old Navy

    Gosh, I guess something didn't turn out as intended with the link. It was to Apostate Chick's youtube video page with all of her videos. Hmmm, apparently youtube hyperlinks are automagically interpreted as videos even when they're not.


    If the link in quotes is screwed up also, you can find her videos by doing a youtube search for Apostate Chick. I should also say that there are many youtube pages with XJW experience videos and they're all very

  • Old Navy
    Old Navy

    Yep, it screwed up too! I'm stumped - apparently there isn't any way to post a link to a youtube user page without it showing up as a video.

    Unless... (spaces after the colon and dots

    https: //www. youtube. com/user/ApostateChick/videos

  • smiddy

    Welcome smiruk , dont jump in straight away trying to show your parents that you think the JW`s are wrong,they have been indoctrinated for more years than you have lived probably ,so dont think they are going to change by what you say.

    They would more likely dob you in to the Elders for looking at apostate websites.

    Take things slowly and gain more knowledge about the early history , teachings they once held to be true but dont believe now ,

    Their is so much information on this site about all subjects just use the search option at the right hand top of the page and type in a subject eg: the origin of the name jehovah.

    I wish you well buddy.

  • berrygerry
  • pale.emperor

    My advice is take advantage of the fact that your family hold THE BIBLE in high regard. Id say "I read Galatians 1:8 and want to use only the bible to direct my life. Paul didn't teach many of the things Watchtower teaches."

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