Moses, Soloman spoke to the entire assembly of Israel...How???

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  • punkofnice

    When there is no logical answer, the deist default position is usually, 'god did it'. To think, we used to believe that rubbish.

  • EverApostate

    tor1500, As per my knowledge, Vengeance and violence In the bible overrides the little love it contains

    To be a Christian, we have to reject or provide unscrupulous justifications for the Atrocities contained in the Bible.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    tor1500: "water helped amplify his voice.You know his voice bounced off the water", LOL good one....

  • tor1500


    So True....yes you really have to dig deep to see the love...his loyal love, that is...I agree, when you read the accounts of killings it does make a person say, God did this because he is a loving God...but JW's see the love in's still hard for me, like you the violence overrides the Love....example: When I was studying I asked the sister why does God allow killing of children & women...she says, that if they just killed the men and left the women and children who would take care of them...and if they were into false worship, God had to kill them all to stop the further spreading of false religion or whatever type of way of living God disapproved of....& God had the children killed out of mercy, if only adults were to be killed who would raise the babies and if they were able to grow up they would continue in the same way their parents did...& that God always warned people....So, this is what a witness will tell you...

    Witnesses only love conditionally... To be a Christian is to rise above what people think & do what you feel is right for the betterment of humankind....The bible is for those who can't think outside the pages. It's a book of do's and don'ts.... & for people that need a strict structure religion is for them...otherwise they would be twirling on bar stools..religion attracts extremist...they are either very good too good or very bad...

    Who knows how they spoke to the masses but somehow they did. But when you write a story you can tell it any way you want...don't have to make no sense...just say God said so.

    @James Mixon,

    I thought that was a good one as well...all this stuff I write on this forum is stuff that was told to me in the hall, I heard it first's not my opinion. I know how witnesses answer, no matter what, God is Teflon, he does no wrong, he don't even change his mind...& we know that not to be true, many of us have read, God has changed his mind...but witnesses will never admit it even if the bible says, Jehovah changed his mind...they would re-interpret that....Witnesses don't see God as alive and well...although they say so...

    I'm a witness, but I don't fit in...yet they love me and I say things to them that make them think...but I use a lot of honey...

    Many of us have to admit, life just don't make no sense....why do folks just randomly kill people & bad things happen to good people and sometimes the bad nothing happens to thing...Life never promised us fair.

    I usually leave them with this line...the bible is easy to read...hard to do.


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