"Exodus:Why Americans are leaving Religion-and Why They'er Unlikely to come back.

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  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    Worshiping God can be accomplished without any affiliation to a religious organization, that's a common fact.

    Being a member of a religious organization does not confer any special holy qualities. But in the area where we live (southeast U.S.), if someone becomes interested in associating with you, they want you to join their church. If you don't, they lose interest immediately. People around here will not be friends with you unless you are churchified. People in my age group, especially (60s).

    Their apparent belief is that I just don't qualify as a good person if I don't strap on my pantyhose and show up at their church building at the prearranged time coordinates every week - and put money in their jar. They will be friends with me if I help them make the mortgage payments on their grandiose meeting facility.

    That doesn't have anything to do with God. It's just a social club and it's too much trouble and those sermons make me sick because they are stuffed with hypocrisy and resounding with mind control. With friends like those, a person with any integrity would not sustain any spirituality - just nausea.

  • looter
    DJS, if you've been around as long as I have then you wouldn't need to research because you know what you see. Every time a person looks up they see an atheist trying to brainwash them into thinking that everything would be better if nobody had any God for Spirit, which is very wrong. That's why the United States is going down because most people think badly about religion but not only religion it's the worship that they despise which is leading this country astray. You are very wrong about how the more atheists there are in a country, the more better it is. If anything, the more atheists there are, the more corrupt society becomes because of that arrogant attitude against God.
  • jeanniebeanzz

    @IownMylife lol I'm in Houston so understand. Also, I am also from California (horrors). Try explaining your positon as an athiest AND a Californian to a native Texan. lmao

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Iown Mylife: That is the first thing people ask me, "What church do you attend", and

    when I say none they look at me like I'm from out of space.

  • azor

    Looter what a condescending joke you are.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    looter:Do you really believe that"the more ideas will be bad for the country????

    I hate to think where we would be without new ideas,,Didn't Paul(Bible) come up with new ideas???

  • Heaven

    Religion is 100% unnecessary to live a full and productive life. As our knowledge and technology increases, people are realizing what a fraud it really is.

  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    Jeannie, I was born in the Valley but only lived there until i was 7 years old. I've got a lot of cousins in the area near Ft. Hood and my husband was born in Ft. Worth! My mom still lives in the SFV. She used to go to lots of different churches but never made a permanent connection with any of them. Now she's nearly 94, she watches church on TV. She and her sister used to urge me to find a church to attend on Sundays. Now they don't say anything about religion to me because I just talk all the time about pedophiles in churches and child abuse.

    James, That's exactly how people treat us around here! But we've learned to soft-pedal any discussions about religion if we are talking to our customers. We say, "Well, we're cautious about making a decision nowdays - we messed up by joining the Jehovah's Witnesses so we're being careful!" Then they nod and agree with our caution.

    You can't have a business around here and be telling people that you don't believe in God!

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    Well if you leave because you found it to be all bull shit and manipulative why would you come back hear some more bull shit you know ain't true?

    Why would you subject yourself to someone telling how his imaginary friend wants you to live your life in devotion to him? Unless you still got some residual programming fucking with you or something.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Iown:Try telling black folks you don't believe in GOD and you are black. My family and friends

    believe the Witnesses did a number on me, that's the reason they believe the WT is Satan's organization. lol

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