Does God really care about mankind?

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  • Sour Grapes
    Sour Grapes

    I am dying of cancer. Yesterday I asked my full blown JW wife if she could snap her fingers and make me well would she do so?

    She replied, "Yes." Then I asked her why and she told me because she loved me. I told her that she can't make me well but God could and he won't because he doesn't give a rats ass about me. Hell, even the third president of the Witchtower Society, Nathan Knorr, died of a brain tumor. Can't you imagine the millions of prayers that were said on his behalf by the Witlesses in the 1970's and yet he died of brain cancer.

    I stopped thanking God for the food I eat. Everyday 20,000 children die of starvation. Am I so blessed that God gave me food and yet doesn't provide for the 20,000 daily casualties? I am not blessed, just had a job and I live in the right country.

    If God cares about mankind, why doesn't he bring on the great tribulation now? Every year that he delays there are 30,000,000 more people on the earth so there are 30,000,000 more bodies for the JW's to bury. If he would have brought it on 10 years ago 300,000,000 lives would have been saved. Let's see, there are over 8,000,000 JW's who will survive. If he loved the world of mankind so much he would have saved over 37 times more people if he started armageddon 10 years ago.

    I would like to mention a pet peeve of mine. JW's believe that only they will survive the great tribulation; however, if you ask them so you are telling me that your god is going to destroy 99.9% of mankind, they will say that it is up to god who survives because only he can read hearts. So among themselves, they rub their hands together in eager anticipation of god destroying this world while they hid in their bunkers with their secret door knocks, but in public they sing a different song.

    All of this just makes me sour grapes.

  • dubstepped

    I think you make great points. I'm so sorry that you're facing what you're facing. I wish I had some positive quip that would make everything better but I don't.

  • cofty

    Sour Grapes I'm really sorry to hear about your illness. Do you have any treatment options left?

    If I had still been a believer when I was diagnosed I would have found it more difficult to accept the unfairness of it. Everything you have said in your OP is spot-on.

  • Xanthippe

    Sour Grapes this is really shitty for you. Life isn't fair and there isn't a loving God. Wishing you strength and the love of friends and family.

    I have said exactly the same thing thing as you posted here, every day their God waits there's more people to destroy and if he knows hearts then why wait.

  • ttdtt

    Very sorry Sour Grapes.
    I think a lot of us are waiting for that particular shoe to drop for us.
    Now without Paradise - it's all a different story.

    Your points are all right on!
    You did make a small mistake - its about 360 million born every year, and about 55 million die.

    So you need to add an extra 0 to your figures.
    Makes your points even worse for the all loving doG they worship.

  • John Free
    John Free

    I'm truly sorry to hear that bad news sour grapes.

    That point in your last paragraph is a classic example of Orwellian 'doublethink'. When with believers at meeting 'yes Jah is gonna kill everyone out there!' But when conversing with the public 'oh we're not judges, we can't read the heart, there'll be millions in paradise who've never heard of jw's'. All the while they believe not telling the WHOLE truth is is a form of lying.

    Incidently I enjoyed you 1975 post some months back. It offered valuable insights into that period of the washtowl borganization's history.

    Our thoughts are with you.

  • Sour Grapes
    Sour Grapes

    I appreciate your messages. ttdtt we are both wrong on the number of births per year. You got me thinking and I just checked the latest numbers. There are 131 million babies born each year and there are 55 million deaths per year for a net growth in the population of 76 million. Either way that is a hell of a lot of people that god won't have to kill if he would just do what the Witnesses have been preaching for over 100 years. If god waits 10 more years for the JW's to make sure that the good news of the kingdom is preached to all of the inhabited earth he will have another 760,000,000 people to kill. With the cart witnessing it may take more that 10 years. Tick tock, tick tock...the only problem is each year they are 76 million people to reach.

    Concerning my cancer, the hard part for me was I was one of those young people in 1969 who passed on college because the end was so close. I felt invincible. I believed the lie "you will not die" because the end was so close. I had "stay alive to 75" on the bumper of my car. I think that Eve fell for the same lie from Satan. Well my grandmother thought that she would not die and she did, my mother believed that she would not die and she did, I know that I will die. Four or five generation of JW's believed that they would not die.

    Sour Grapes

  • Sour Grapes
    Sour Grapes

    All of this brought back to mind a post that I made eight years ago under a different name. I thought that it may be interesting for any newbies or JW lurkers:

    I remember one picture in the Watchtower of a pretty little girl holding a plastic bucket in paradise next to a tame lion.

    I asked my wife if there is going to be pollution in paradise? Of course, the answer is no!!!!!.

    I asked her where did the plastic bucket come from? To make this bucket you will need plastic

    injection molding machines. The cast iron castings that make these molds can weigh up to 3,000#.

    Which means that you will need foundries to make the molds and we will need pig iron,

    manganese, iron ore, magnesium, silicon, and sand. Who is going to dig up the paradise earth to get

    all of this stuff out of the ground? Who is going to make the earth moving equipment to dig these minerals

    out of the ground? Who is going to process the ores to get the final elements foundries need to make the castings that will be machined to make the molds to make the plastic bucket? Who is going to make all of the machines that do the machining? How are we going to transport the 3,000# castings to get them to the machine shops?

    Will there we trucks and roads? Who is going to maintain the roads? Who is going to make the road paving

    equipment? I doubt if elephants will just use their trunks to pick up the castings. Then we have the problem of

    what are we going to use for power to melt the castings for the molds and to machine the molds for the buckets?

    Are we going to have electricity or oil? Will there be oil refineries or coal-fired electrical generators? Who is going to drill for the oil or mine the coal not to mention who is going make all of the equipment to do this? The picture I just painted sounds like what we have now. Maybe we are in paradise. Maybe it will just be easier if we don't have plastic buckets in paradise. The final answer my wife gave me of where did the plastic bucket come from was "maybe Jehovah will just snap his fingers and it will be there."

    Now you can see why you can not reason with witnesses. They have a fairytale dream. I also wanted to know why doesn't the Watchtower show the inside of the beautiful houses in paradise? Maybe because there won't be refrigerators, stoves, or running water without the old fashion hand pumps with outhouses behind the house. I hope that I won't get stuck with the job of picking up all of the lion and elephant crap in the neighborhood. I wish that God would hurry up and kill 99.9% of mankind so that I can see how that plastic bucket gets made.

    TooBad TooSad

  • blondie

    Sorry, Sour Grapes. I am struggling myself, go in for a kidney ultrasound tomorrow.

    I don't expect god to heal me. I try to find a piece of "paradise" each day.

    Some jws believe till the day they die and close their eyes in death expecting to wake up in their paradise...hard to prove to them they were wrong when don't wake up.

  • Perry

    Very sorry to hear about your illness.

    if you ask them, "so you are telling me that your god is going to destroy 99.9% of mankind"; they will say that it is up to god who survives because only he can read hearts.

    Where they get the idea that a persons' heart condition has anything whatsoever to do with Salvation is beyond me.

    The JW's do indeed worship a god of their own concoction that will kill 99.9 % of the worlds population. Fortunately, the god they worship is just another impotent idol and not the real thing.

    In Christianity, prior to the Great Tribulation the Creator promises to evacuate (rapture) .... not those that have a "good heart", (because the bible is clear that there aren't any of those after childhood), but those who put their trust in Christ.

    In Christianity, the anti-christ kills billions of people (after most people fall over themselves putting him in power) during the GT, not God.

    Christ comes as a rescuer at the end, before he totally wipes out mankind.

    Eternal life is available to anyone through Christ, even after the rapture and during the GT. He said he's come back from the dead, and he did it. That event changed the world.

    Death has no final authority over those that trust Jesus.

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