Do Circuit Overseers outrank Elders? Why can't they talk to disfellowshipped people?

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  • garyneal

    Last Sunday, our family went to the Kingdom Hall and I realized that this was the week that the Circuit Overseer was in town. When we sat down, I noticed he came over and talked to her then he walked away I guess to talk to others. A few minutes later, he returned to tell her that he could not talk to her because he was informed that she was disfelloshipped. Naturally my wife asked why he could not talk to her but the elders could. She said that it was not written in any books to which he responded, "Not everything is written in the books."

    When she told me that he could not talk to her I said, rather loudly, "Why not, I thought he out ranked elders?" The whole "Not everything is written in the books" reminded me of one of my first posts here on the board and the irony of how that works when it comes out of the mouth of a Jehovah's Witness. It also reminded me of the super secret Elder's manual that has large margins for the "unwritten" rules to go in.

    Does anyone know if even a Circuit Overseer (and above) are not permitted to talk to disfellowshipped people? What a goofy religion.

  • jookbeard

    talked to who?

  • stillin

    For elders, it's discretionary. For the rest of the congregation, stay away from the DF'd person! Do as I say, not as I do.

    A CO is just an elder who the other elders try to impress.

  • JakeM2012

    The Doofy C.O. should have thanked the elder for informing him and just let it be, moved on and talked to others. I would say this showed weakness in the C.O., his authority, and his position.

  • sparrowdown

    Why would you go when you are treated like that?

  • dubstepped

    The elders don't talk to disfellowshipped people on a friendly level either. Only when it's necessary as part of the person coming back or not being allowed to come back or whatever. They're just as aloof as anyone else. I don't see anything odd here. Shunning is what they do. Why expect anything else? It's what they believe that they're all supposed to do. You play with snakes, you get bit, don't be surprised.

  • Open mind
    Open mind

    What dubstepped said sums it up pretty well. The CO isn't likely to be involved in meeting with her to determine whether or not she qualifies for reinstatement, so there's no reason for him to talk with her. The only reason I could see is if the CO has a particularly over-sized ego and thinks that he might be able to read her mind/heart by speaking with her.

  • ttdtt

    They do (of course they do without a question, anyone who says different is completely wrong) - and they can talk to DFed people, so can elders.

    What makes you think otherwise?

  • Bad_Wolf

    Ray Franz, GB was dfed for supposedly talking to dfed person. Lol

  • Diogenesister
    Bad_Wolfan hour ago
    Ray Franz, GB was dfed for supposedly talking to dfed person. Lol

    He had a meal with his employer and landlord, who was disassociated. At the time it was not necessary to SHUN disassociated people, but they wanted to get him( Ray) so bad they announced in the Watchtower it was now the rule to SHUN disassociated ones.

    So they did to Ray what no judicial system can ever do - punish someone punish someone for an infraction of a rule that didn't exist when the incident happened is unknown in any decent legal system.

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