Preaching? For what purpose? All JW's need to ask this question.

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  • park ave boy
    park ave boy

    What is the purpose of preaching if not for converts?

    Basically, preaching by the JW's is to make converts. This in itself implies that Jehovah's Witnesses believe that THEY ALONE have the ONLY ACCEPTABLE WAY TO GOD and that everyone else is just not worthy. When you meet a Christian who claims to have a close relationship with God, that is not alone for you. Instead you find that as common ground to begin your conversion process with WT literature and other brainwashing instruments. Being a Christian alone is not good enough for Jehovah's Witnesses despite Jesus clearly saying that you should "marry only in the Lord." Did he say you must marry only in the Jehovah's Witness religion? NO! So what did Jesus mean? For you to go and tell every Christian you meet that their way is the wrong way?

    How arrogant! How self important!

    It should really make every JW consider their own faith. How can any of you say that John Doe who is a practicing Christian does NOT have a close and personal relationship with God? I've met so many Born Again's and others who claim to have a very close and personal relationship with God. How can you deny this? In essence, by preaching and attempting conversion of others you are simply saying that you have the only way to God and they don't. This has NOTHING to do with spreading the gospel of Jesus but getting others to convert to the JW cult! Be honest! No JW has ever come back from field service and said, "that was a nice day! We found so many CHRISTIANS today who found JESUS already." No! You would never say that! You say, we found so many potential bible studies (aka potential JW converts!) Haughty much?

    To make things worse think about your latest translation of the NWT bible. Did you JW's know that the NWT is the only widely printed bible in the world that is NOT considered a standard for translation on biblehub? They have over 25 different translations even far less widely distributed versions than the NWT but it is not there! And going further, the Old Testament part of the newly updated NWT is really now much further from the original Hebrew than the old NWT was! It took me all but 10 minutes do research the misleading in the NEW NWT!

    So on these two points, it should be enough for you to reconsider everything!


    The ORG is desperately trying to make their re-branding efforts successful. The trick is to appear "mainstream", while remaining "Da Troof" in the minds of the sheeple. That's a tough one.

    The last time I went in field-circus, I spoke to a Catholic man. He was really cool guy. I had my child with me, so no subject was off limits. There was no, "Well, good day to you sir!!" LOL!!

    I made sure to agree with him when he said that going D2D is "selling a brand of religion." I told him, "Officially, we are told to say that we aren't trying to make converts, but we are."


  • Barrold Bonds
    Barrold Bonds
    Every once in a while, they'll write an article somehow explaining that the ministry is more for the benefit of the JW. Like, going out door to door is supposed to reinforce the 'truth' to themselves. That doesn't carry any weight when so much of the ministry is now focused on sitting in front of a cart doing nothing.
  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Originally C. T. Russell felt his job was NOT to gain converts, but to gather the "Bride of Christ" out of the churches of Christendom.

    I think it soon became apparent that with only 144,000 potential members this was a flawed business model that would not generate the cash-flow that CTR needed to support himself and the boys in his club, but it was Judge Rutherford who really got the Borg's business model going and the two-headed Knorr-Franz beast to fully optimize it.

    Right now the Borg is in the process of decay as apostate mycelium works it's way through the memes.

  • Lostandfound
    If Knorr & Franz were a two headed beast what beast would GB be represented as in Revelation on the line of Franz's ravings be ?
  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    I've heard the claim also about D2D is to benefit the rank and file more than anyone. A circuit assembly a few years ago made mention about D2D relieving stress and anxiety for the JW's.

  • Crazyguy
    An elder said it was for strengthing the faith the last time spoke with them at my JC. I told them since the internet and YouTube no ones joining so what's the point. But the original poster is correct, the good news is Christ even Paul said he doesn't preach where Christ has already been preached.
  • Listener

    They call into judgement all other Christians with the self proclamation that they are the 'closest to the truth'.

  • prologos
    the basic premise approaching the doors was: "we are right, and you are wrong!" and we can prove it with a four scripture "sermon" or the "make sure" book. Jws certainly can not recommend the "love"in the congregation. so what is left?
  • smiddy

    Geoffrey Jackson when asked at the ARC , do Jehovah`s Witnesses believe they are the only ones who have the truth ? ,{ or something like that }, and his reply was " That would be presumptuous of me to say that "

    While under oath

    Straight from the horses mouth

    The witnesses speak out of both sides of their mouth , they speak with a forked tongue.


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