What’s Your Prediction For The Future Of The Covid Virus?

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  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    DoC...i think a lot of people are of that opinion.

    Here in the UK we get daily news on tv about the numbers of covid deaths..but no details of age , ethnicity or existing serious health issues any more..i think most people of working or school age are not affected by it.

  • LongHairGal


    No, it’s not ‘kooky’ as I have had several people say that they suspect this very same thing..It is evil though..The problem is the unintended consequences that the virus apparently can also kill people not in the supposed ‘target’ demographic of elderly and those with serious underlying conditions.

    I’d hate to believe in any such conspiracy ..but it does make you think.

  • millie210

    Its not kooky at all but if it is true it should have been thought through a little better.

    The devastation is to the small business owners, the young people getting started and the middle class.

    I don't see how any country's economy isn't going to be equally as devastated as it would have been supporting people through SS or other government programs.

    Where is the saved money?

  • DesirousOfChange

    Just recently heard that friends of our had it go through their entire family. Grandparents in their 50s/60s. Son & DIL in their 30s and their 2yo son.

    Surprisingly the 30-something son, who is healthy and in good shape, is who has had the worst complications. Pneumonia and severe respiratory problems lingering on. I thought the older, overweight, diabetic grandma would have been the one at greatest risk.

  • LV101

    They've been thinning the herds all along and preparing for socialism healthcare. Kiling off as many as possible plus states collecting gov't fees for each COVID 19 death. Obvious when they brainwashed the medical community against Hydroxychloroquine and Dem governors banned in states. Thousands of needless deaths. Some doctors prescribed regardless and saved lives. Fauci the Fraud has received millions the past decade from Big Pharma/Gilead Lab and was promoting the release of Remdesivir which is worthless.

  • LV101

    Mission accomplished re/small businesses -- the mega corps making more billions than ever now as part of the plan - the new world order.

  • minimus

    Small business will be dead if they close again for an extended period of time. I hope it doesn’t happen but I see not a care in the world by the powers that be.

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    COVID will be used for the next few years to get government policy pushed through across the globe.

    - They're already pushing random and pointless shutdowns of small businesses and churches through SCOTUS. - - They're also pushing more aid through the UN, primarily to China and Iran

    - Joe Biden and the Harris administration has said the vaccine, developed in and paid for by the US, will be first distributed outside the US (which means China first, then Germany and then whatever other nations they have to pay off) and the first vaccines have already been shipped away from the US while others, having been paid for the US and created in the EU are suddenly seeing shipping delays, which means the vaccine will have to be deployed there so as not to lose the 'critical' doses. Yes, we can ship -80C samples for just about anything to the US through FedEx, but a few vaccines suddenly runs into issues.

    - The vaccine, once deployed into the US, will be deployed first by the Harris administration, as they've made very clear to 'minority' areas first. This means, as we've seen time and again with masks and hospital supplies to NYC and school supplies everywhere and the Clinton's administration's emergency containers in minority cities across the nation, aid to Puerto Rico after disasters and aid to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, they all have the same story some local mayor will get very rich and years later they'll find many corrupt dealings, the distribution numbers will have been found to be cooked up and stockpiles of the product will be found in warehouses that went to waste.

    - COVID will continue to be pushed as a reason to allow mail-in voting for everything. You think this election was bad? Don't expect any election to be fair, as soon as the numbers don't go their way, they'll find thousands of mail-in ballots harvested in favor of their candidate which is what we now are finding out happened in Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Carson City. Vote harvesting and mail-in voting isn't illegal per se, it's just impossible to verify the results against voting rolls, so you'll be hard pressed to overturn the elections on legal grounds.

  • Vidiot
    DesirousOfChange - "I heard an old kook suggest it was 'designed' to kill off those that are a drain on society -- the old, infirm, and sick."

    Meh; there's too many people anyway.

    Seriously, though, when I'm in a suspicious-borderline-paranoid mood, there's a part of me that's tempted to wonder if the world's elites wouldn't actually mind thinning the herd in some manner like that.

    My old man said on more than one occasion that he thought the government would love to euthanize all the senior citizens so they wouldn't have to pay their federal pensions.

    That being said, he was a loyal Witness (whilst still being an exemplary husband and father), and in my observation, the less informed R&F can be somewhat susceptible to actual conspiracy theories (MLMs, too, for that matter), simply because of how easily said theories seem to confirm the JW worldview and/or can be retconned into WT eschatology.

  • peacefulpete

    Credentials are important but these are humans we are discussing. Having a degree in something does not ensure the person applies their discipline and training consistently. There are actual medical doctors that have made the mental hurdles to endorsing crystals and degreed geologists who believe in a 6000 year old earth. They simply are not applying their training objectively to arrive at those conclusions. Its become the new internet response to objecting to uncomfortable scientific consensus, find some credentialed outlier somewhere in the wide world who agrees with me and dismiss the science behind the consensus.

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