Sins against the holy spirit...

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  • shamus

    So, what the heck is a sin against the holy spirit that cannot be forgiven? They never had a clear answer in the whole time that I was in the cult....

    What is it? Any ideaz?

  • petespal2002

    Knowingly going against it's leadings, as told by the FDS. Such as coming on an apostate website when one should know better!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yerusalyim

    In Catholic theology, it's coming to final inpenitence. Seeing what we know to be good and calling it evil.

  • Euphemism

    The JW answer is pretty much the same thing, just not as clear.

  • Gamaliel

    I agree with Yerus' Catholic definition: "Seeing what we know to be good and calling it evil." I think it's the one that most closely matches the context of Matthew, etc, where it's mentioned. By the way you'll find a previous thread on the same issue here:


  • gumby

    Well I see nobody answered your question yet.

    You want to know what the dub teaching is but have gotten other answers.

    The dubs first of all believes this applies to only the annointed as far as that particular scripture goes which is something like this.......".It is impossible for those who have tasted the heavenly gift, and trample fresh on the son of revive them again. There is no sacrifice left".

    The society's teaches that if the annointed voluntarily choose to turn their back on what they know is truth.....they commit that sin. They say ONLY Jehovah truely knows who has commited it and we cannot pass that judgement on to anyone.


  • Hamas

    It is doubting God, the ultimate so called sin against the Holy spirit.

    Never mind, eh.

  • gumby
    It is doubting God, the ultimate so called sin against the Holy spirit.

    How dare someone doubt something they have never seen, heard, or felt.


  • Undecided

    It's kind of hard to sin against something you have never seen, heard, felt or know to exist. Even the supposed anointed don't really feel anything, they just sort of know someway that they are special and called by God, even though they never heard anything. It's sort of like having a feeling you are going to win the lottery on the day you die.

    Ken P.

    Whops, I may have just sinned against the holey spirit! No I think the Judge drank it all.

  • Hamas

    .... or even like this man

    He waited his whole damn life, to take that flight

    and when the plane came down

    he thought,

    'well isn't this nice'

    ...and isn't it ironic !

    don't ya think ?

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