More fun! Did you know that Judge Rutherford had a daughter? I sure didn't......

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  • sparky1

    "Seems the mistake is in the 1940 census." - slimboyfat

    Yes this could be true. I have found mistakes in different census years in regard to my mother. If the newspaper was incorrect, the Judge probably would have sued them because they had besmirched his 'good name'. Anything is possible and the newspaper could have made a mistake. Interestingly enough, at approximately the same time period, there was another Virginia Rutherford from Versailles, Missouri and her father's name was J. C. Rutherford! She was married to an A.L. Ross.

  • sir82

    Arggh, I get hooked on this stuff and can't stop...

    Kay Eiss (age 6 in 1930) married Ralph Kinnings (born 1920) in 1945.

    There is a Ralph Kinnings (age 96) still alive in Costa Mesa, California.

    If it is the same guy, then the husband (widower?) of one of JF Rutherford's granddaughters is still alive.

  • Bruisedandbleeding12

    Virginia Gale Rutherford (never remarried), b March 27, 1899 and d October 10, 1980 in Orange, California (California Death Index 1940-1997)


  • Earnest

    sir82 :

    Joseph F. Rutherford's wife was Mary, not Nora. It seems that perhaps the newspaper confused the father of Virginia Gale Eiss (Rutherford) with Joseph F. Rutherford.

  • sir82

    It seems that perhaps the newspaper confused the father of Virginia Gale Eiss (Rutherford) with Joseph F. Rutherford.

    Seems to be the most reasonable explanation.

    Oh well, fun while it lasted!

  • slimboyfat

    What a strange mistake to make. Newspapers often get names wrong. Our local newspaper is famous for it. Barely anyone gets captioned correctly. M But to mistake a prominent person for someone else entirely seems a whopper.

  • Athanasius

    Joseph F. Rutherford's wife was Mary Malcolm Fetzer, and they were married on December 30, 1891. See the January 1, 1892 Boonville Weekly Advertiser, page 1.

    The couple had a son, Malcolm, born on November 10, 1892 and weighed twelve pounds. See the November 11, 1892 Boonville Advertiser, page 1.

    JFR had an older sister named Mary Virginia Rutherford, who was born on October 18, 1859. She was a school teacher by profession and didn't get married until 1905, when she would have been 46. On November 8, 1905 she married Asa L. Ross. See RECORD OF MARRIAGES, Morgan County Missouri.

    Back in 1988 when I began research for a biography of JFR, an ex-JW friend told me that JFR had an illegitimate daughter who was born in 1929. According to him the daughter was still alive in 1988 and lived in Ohio. This was a rumor and must be treated as such. But then in 1991 I had a telephone conversation with another exJW, who told a slightly different account. He said he would send me more information, but never did.

    JFR's wife Mary, outlived him by 20 years, dying in 1962. In my files I have an exact date for Malcolm Rutherford's death. But at present don't have the time to dig for it. But he died sometime during the 1980s. I wrote the executor of his estate for information on Malcolm's papers, but never received a reply.

  • sparky1

    Looks like poor old Judge Rutherford could be the victim of 'fake news'!

  • redpilltwice

    Did you know that Judge Rutherford had a daughter? I sure didn't......

    How fascinating!!!! I might have found something that matches the profile....

  • LoveUniHateExams

    I didn't know this until I started lurking here.

    I'm sure Farkel or someone else had a thread about it some years ago.

    Or maybe I read it over at Freeminds ...

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