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  • smiddy3

    Real Estate would be one of the more obvious and more public ones wouldn`t it ?

    How about selling off all of their real estate in New York that have netted them over a Billion dollars so far and they still have more property to sell their .

    What about all of the kingdom Halls that were built with free labour and in many cases free materials that when finished became the property not of the local congregations that built them but of the W.T.organization in N.Y.

    Whoopee do ! the G.B.of Jehovah`s Witnesses cancelled all of the loans that congregations had with them that had a time limit on the loans ,in other words could have been paid off in another six months -or even 2 years hence.

    And what did they ask in return ? What you were paying on your loan we would ask you to pledge that indefinitely as if you were paying off that loan ?

    In other words where they could have payed off that loan in x amount of months they are now paying that same some for eternity. ?

    And the congregations took a vote and agreed to it !

    And all that money from all around the world goes back to America.

    All contributions go back to America apart for a small percentage that is kept for necessary things maintenance etc.

    If that is not a scam then I don`t know what is.

    And that is just one avenue where they get their finances.

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    Son think about the accounts report that used to be given at the KH. I think now it is just posted on the information board. Read that account report you will find it is very vague. This started many years ago when you was a child. By them using the word simplify they started giving less and less information about where the money goes. As a example let' say X amount of money goes to the kingdom preaching work. In it self that sounds alright but are we really sure that's what it is used for? There is no accounting of it after it goes into that fund.

    I saw this happening years before I woke up and left. That is why it is so hard to track the money. This word simplify is a great cult word tool they use. Dad aka Still Totally ADD

  • DesirousOfChange

    Eisenhower was never a JW. His mother was. His father was not. He had a military funeral, not a JW funeral.

    From Wiki ~ When Dwight D. Eisenhower died at Walter Reed Army Medical Center on March 28, 1969, plans for his state funeral had already been drawn up earlier, in 1966, although they were somewhat altered by the Eisenhower family. With a strong emphasis on military rites in honor of Eisenhower's contribution as Supreme Allied Commander during World War II, ceremonial and religious aspects also called for flags to be lowered to half-staff for 30 days, a lying in state in the Capitol rotunda, as well as a religious service held at Washington National Cathedral.[23]

  • sparky1

    Eisenhower was never a Billionaire. According to Wikipedia, List of Presidents of the United States by net worth, at his death he was worth $9,000,000.00 in 2016 dollars. Calculated back to 1969 dollars (the time of his death) he would have been worth approximately $1,350,000.00.

  • Reopened Mind
    Reopened Mind


    One of the ways Watchtower makes money is through stocks, bonds, and trust funds. One such trust was the H M Riley Trust, from the deceased estate of Henrietta Riley. One of the stocks in this trust fund is that of the tobacco company Phillip Morris. This link, shows that Watchtower is a beneficiary of the H M Riley Trust Fund. It’s a long article; scroll to the bottom to see a photocopy of the tax return.

    Another way is to charge for parking at conventions. Google Tacoma Dome Parking scandal. The Watchtower had the elders collect for convention parking at the Kingdom Hall even though the convention center waived the parking fee. Guess where the money went. I remember paying in advance for parking tickets at conventions we attended.

    The more I research the more disgusted I am at their money-grubbing ways.

    Mom, aka Reopened Mind

  • Giordano

    Check this info out: This is just one of those Watchtower Trusts that has a number of investments that would be forbidden to the rank and file to invest in.

  • former2free


    thanks for that link link it’s really sickening how they are such hypocrites and how we could all have been duped for so many years. And to my parents you’re right the accounts reports are vague at best almost makes me wanna raise my hand at the next one and ask for a detailed accounting of where it all goes ( I won’t don’t worry) but I’d love to see the reaction.

  • caves

    Glad you guys were able to clear up what I posted.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    WT is never transparent when it comes to finances unfortunately. To be a 'captain obvious' one just has to rely on the 'internet'.

  • former2free


    i know now I was hoping to learn of sources that are legitimate but also not associated with watchtower. I am looking to start a portfolio of sorts so I have accurate information especially when I approach my wife with it.

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