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  • former2free

    I thank all of you for the warm welcome and having read my bio. I look forward to many discussions and hopefully in the future to be able to be open about it with my wife and kids. But for now i have a question. Where can I find legitimate sources to show where the WTBS invests their money? If anyone knows I’ll greatly appreciate it.

  • dubstepped

    Everyone would like that answer. You won't find it. You'll find instances where people have found that Watchtower holds investments in businesses like Rand Cam but it's tough to track that stuff down. They aren't transparent about their finances at the higher levels like they expect of the individual congregations. In some countries you can find out a little more, like how much money they took in or whatever, but even then I don't think there are many details.

  • former2free

    That’s the problem right there isn’t it. I’ve been trying to research it with no success. I know they have investments in government and military but I have as of yet been able to find good proof.

  • dubstepped

    That's just how they want it. If you want to be tax exempt, you should have to be transparent, in my opinion.

  • former2free

    Sadly transparency is severely lacking with them and not just in the way of finances.

  • eyeuse2badub

    They invest heavily in themselves and in real property. Look at the multi-multi million dollar luxury complex they built for themselves Warwick. Hundreds of thousands of 'volunteer' hours to build a magnificent "temple" that jesus would no doubt be very proud of. Yep jesus lived in poverty but his f*cking brothers get to live in luxury.

    just saying!

  • Dreamerdude

    Watchtower accountants and lawyers go to great lengths to keep the finances secret. But there are a few tidbits that have been made public. The following article from Watchtower gives a glimpse into the finances in the 1930s. I suspect large donations and inheritances make up a large chunk of their income. And Watchtower is heavily invested in real estate, holding title to about 40,000 properties, mainly KHs and property left in wills. But good luck finding documentation. We can only speculate on much of their finances, as I have done here. A recent leaked video of their accountants mentions that they are trying to sell 3,000 of their properties.

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    Money-making religions are ultra-secretive about their abundance of filthy lucre.

    Try and discover how much cash the Catholic Church, Mormons, Scientology, and the WTBTS have in their coffers - and good luck trying!

  • caves

    Heres just a few things I found. I dont know how legit or relevant to your question. Canada UK

    Other US corporations[edit]

    Reorganization in 2000 resulted in the creation of several additional corporate entities to serve the needs of the United States branch of Jehovah's Witnesses. Since then, most written communication with congregations and individuals in the United States involves the Christian Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses, Inc; other corporations include:

    • Religious Order of Jehovah's Witnesses, New York, incorporated in 2000 for administration of full-time preaching activities.
    • Kingdom Support Services, Inc., New York, incorporated in 2000 for construction and fleet management.

    • Just quickly assuming they have one billion in banks collecting interest that would be roughly 52million a year they gain in interest alone.
      Wild stretch here , but perhaps not. President Eisenhower was worth billions and grew up a Jehovahs witness and I think had a JW burial. I wonder where he willed some of his money ....hummm.......
    • Think about that and how many other people Will their money to the borg.

    Where can I find legitimate sources to show where the WTBS invests their money?

    I guess to directly answer that question is keep following the money.

  • zeb

    Jason Zelda has some videos on the wt worth watching

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