JWs + Chronic Illness

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  • Diogenesister

    Too invasive??!!!

    But a million rules about entertainment, grooming, hair length, marriage, sex, friendships, education, family relations, dating, clothing, jobs acceptable....etc etc are not at all invasive!

    By the way cimarrona I read your bio:

    academic work around literature and visual art of the African diaspora).

    Sounds really interesting! Do you have a blog? I've always wanted to study this area. I'm a waspy British girl but I've always felt the African diaspora has contributed to the creative arts in a yuuuuge way and for centuries other cultures have plagerized their ideas; often without financial recompense or honestly crediting their influence/referencing their work. I believe that's why many of the biggest modern stars seem to be money focused; they are long due recompense. What do you think?

  • steve2

    A few years ago, when the magazines first started slimming down, I thought, "These can't get any dumber."

    I was wrong.

  • LongHairGal


    I always felt JWs suffered from more ailments than usual and poverty is not the only reason.

    You asked your dad sensible questions and his answer didn't cut it. The religion is very invasive and does not respect anybody's personal boundaries. They will ask anything, no matter how much it's none of their business.

    The religion doesn't want an enlightened and intelligent bunch of people there. It wants miserable people who want the world to be over. This mental attitude is not conducive to health.

  • Cimarrona

    @diogenesister awww thanks for the kind words <3 I do have writing published online but I'm not comfortable sharing links as I'm not too sure about revealing my identity. However, thank you most kindly, and I certainly agree with you!

  • never a jw
    never a jw

    There's a correlation between unhealthy bodies and unhealthy minds. The JW population proves that. If a sick mind thinks that only doom and gloom are around you, what's the point of pursuing having a healthy body? It's not just correlation, it's a vicious cycle.

  • WTWizard

    First, stop eating fast, good-tasting poison every single day. Pious-sneers are supposed to go to McDonalds for lunch every day so they get the maximum field circus time possible. Anyone that discontinues that practice is probably going to get at least some health benefit. Probably, your weight will moderate somewhat, and your high blood pressure will drop a little.

    Along with that, too many TV dinners are bad news. And not just for sodium and saturated fat, either--that is the least of your worries. Most of them are loaded with monosodium glutamate in some form or another, even if they say "No MSG added". This happens because they are too busy racing from field circus to the evening boasting session, Family Waste the Evening Night, or evening field circus. Cutting out the TV dinners, especially those from Nestle (which seems to be the worst), will have some benefit to your health--again, your weight drops slightly, your blood pressure drops a few points, and you feel somewhat more able to get around through your day.

    You will probably need vitamin supplements, because most food is grown on depleted soils. Those from Bayer are usually crap quality--One A Day is crap. You will need a quality B complex supplement, a good supply of vitamin C, natural vitamin E as mixed tocopherols, magnesium, boron, iodine, and probably zinc. Most people need more iron or calcium as much as I need more LIE-bles in my home, since foods are fortified with those nutrients and too much of those can throw your already deficient magnesium or boron into even worse deficiency.

    As for spirituality, you will need to stop attending those guilt-inducing boasting sessions and get rid of that energy-draining LIE-ble. Once you cut off those drains on your energy, you are probably going to notice fewer headaches, lower blood pressure (if it's high--if it's low, you will probably have higher blood pressure instead), easier weight loss, and more energy to get through the day instead of donating it to joke-hova to help that monster enslave the whole human race. Also, martial arts never hurt anyone when practiced sensibly.

  • SummerAngel

    I think some of it comes from short term thinking- if panda paradise is round the corner along with perfect bodies why treat your health with any respect. Likewise I think many including were told they wouldn't get old/sick and die so aren't emotionally prepared for it. Every sign of ageing reinforces the disappointment of no Armageddon.

    I also think the very sedentary lifestyle as sport is discouraged or even having hobbies together with poor diet from low wages and not enough time have contributed. There is also a deep distrust of both medical and mental health professionals replaced by use of quack cures.

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