JWs + Chronic Illness

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  • Cimarrona

    I once asked my dad why, with all the power the WT insists on having so much control over its adherents' lives, they don't provide information about healthy eating habits or, like the Adventists, wilderness training. I mean, the GB encourage people to remain poor, and poverty is known to correlate with health outcomes, particularly those that are diet related. I'd say most witnesses I knew over the age of 40 were overweight, had high blood pressure, heart problems, gastrointestinal issues, one kind of cancer or another (no doubt a result of eating their feelings if you ask me). How were they supposed to get thru Armageddon like that. Why weren't resources provided to help them better their health. Besides prayers and "comforting" visits lol. His response was, "That would be too invasive." But it's not invasive for them to tell you to shun your child. Got it.

  • zeb

    Invasive? crap!! what about the wts delving into bedrooms!

    Nice to c u C once more too.

  • tiki

    The religion fosters misery....misery opens one to ill health...mentally, emotionally and physically. The new world will cure all ills...but the end is rough times with pain and suffering. So they see illness as a proof of the religion and it cements then in their warped belief system.

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    When I was in I often wondered about this issue. As I look back now the only thought I have is a unhealthy person is a person who is easier to control. Fighting illness often makes you feel mentally depressed and that causes you to think more of the Borg doctrine on how Satan is causing your problems and the only hope you have is the new system.

    Just think what the Borg would look like if they encourage education and healthy living? It would be on par with the Mormon's. It is funny they have their nose into everything their flock does but not this. Oh I forgot don't have a blood transfusion. Thank you Cimarrona for this thread. Still Totally ADD

  • Drearyweather
    Why weren't resources provided to help them better their health

    Some articles that are available in their publications:

    Ways to Improve Your Health

    Do I Have An Eating Disorder

    Nutritious Foods Within Your Reach

  • punkofnice

    cimmy - "That would be too invasive."

    Oh dear. I just spat my pot noodle over my keyboard as I laughed.

    The real answer of course, is 'because the GB don't care about anything apart from money and luxury for themselves.' Anything they do publish is just a token gesture once they've run out of ways to beg for money.

    Lots of M.E. and Fybromyalgia with the jobos too, oddly enough.

  • _Morpheus

    Lol too invasive... but articles talking about what type of sex within marriage are ok arnt invasive...

  • steve2

    The organization seems to attract people who are misery-focused ("Oh the old world is such a terrible, terrible place - I can't wait for paradise - it's so bad out there"). Happy, well-adjusted people aren't attracted to this religion - or if they were raised in it,they don't hang around.

    Sludge soon settles at the bottom of the pond. People settle where they feel most at home and for JWs, that's where their miserable outlook is the most validated. JWs love people who are miserable in the world - easy pickings.

  • Moster

    I can recall sitting with my folks and some of their friends and listening to the conversations. Doom and Gloom, that's all they ever were. Even my mother (another Super-Dub) would say "I cant stand all the gloomy talk all the time".

    Every piece of bad weather, infectious disease, earthquake, change in government, loss of jobs etc would result in the conversations about this wicked old system of things and how it was gonna be cleansed soon (circa 1970's)

    Stomach Ulcers were/are the norm. Try living up to the expectations of this cult and that's what you get.

    "their miserable outlook" is hitting the nail on the head.

  • btlc

    JWs i know are mostly lazy people, both mentally and physically - reading only the washtowels publication, with "service" as only outdoor activity. The newest "reducing the amount of material that our brothers must read" doesn't help either, making r&f dumb and dumber. Plus what has already been mentioned, hidden alchoholism and pills swallowing are not rare among the JWs.

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