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  • truthlover

    Dark Knight - I agree - any xtra monies should be dolled out to those less fortunate -- charity begins at home - why knock on doors to bring people in when those already in are suffering. People need oil in their furnaces, food in their bellies, drives to medical help when no family car is available....maybe even buy them a winter beater with min insce coverage..........Does not make sense to me.... just give, give give to an org that is mis handling funds. Where is the good in all these buildings?? Do they really think brick and mortar will withstand the "day of Jehovah"? I don't think so..... all the most valuable things in those buildings will be destroyed... yet they keep on building and amassing real estate...... sickening

  • Lostandfound

    My credit card company wrote to me recently to say,

    "Please just send us the most you can every month for ever, we would appreciate it, your present balance is NIL but we would, and feel sure you will, feel much better if you send us a few hundred every month for ever. Your credit limit has been raised to 10,000 but know you will not want to spend any of this on yourself, therefore we are blocking your card, entirely for your own good, but look forward to you continuing to support us. If ever you need some maintenance of similar expense, relax, we will consider such a request and put it on hold for a few years, or even for ever. Your custom is important to us and we look forward to many years of your payments being made, after all is said and done, you can trust us."

  • ToesUp
    Great example Lostandfound. So many of the rank and file do not understand the additional pages of the letter (BOE) that was read to the congregations. The secret elders page. It's amazing how much the rank and file does not know and the teachings they don't understand or even know.
  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    They just take, take, take. They take A LOT of the JWs time and now their money.

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