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  • truthlover

    I know this has been talked about to death but this week our loving faithful and discreet slave wrote a letter to all congregations in Canada - keep 1500.00 a month in congregation expense account each month for the next three months coverage,(4500.00 in all) 5000.00 for any problems that may arise but send rest into them. so aren't we lucky to have 9500.00 still left in the account! The elder reading the letter indicated it was for the Kingdom hall building work!!!

    Has any other congs in Canada received this letter??

    No one dissented..

  • Darkknight757

    We had extra money in our account and yet another resolution was passed to send it to the Borg last night. Retarded considering there is work that needs done at that building. Or maybe they could actually put the damn money to good use and help the less fortunate in our congregation. I don't know how many times the wife and I gave money to help people at our hall who are poor. Why not make good use of that money and actually do something nice???

  • WTWizard

    I hope they are not expecting any of my money. Never mind ice cream cones--I would rather buy silver coins and rounds instead of supporting this nefarious religion. Not to mention, sending negative psychic energy to every family in the world with someone named Sophia or Caleb--and their extended families with every toilet paper put in one of those Worldwide Damnation Fund boxes.

    I think I would rather have that ice cream cone--or couple of silver dimes, if I don't feel like the ice cream (say, because it is brutally cold outside). That way, it will not send any negative psychic energy that way.

  • Darkknight757
    @ WTWizard. Exactly LoL
  • DesirousOfChange


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  • My Name is of No Consequence
    My Name is of No Consequence

    No one dissented.

    No surprise there.

  • LevelThePlayingField
    Well the good news is then that I think you guys and gals in Canada might have been the org's last stop because I think they tapped pretty much the rest of the world out of their funds. So now that they have depleted everyone out and they got everyone broke, then if the org still doesn't have enough funds then it will be really funny. And I bet they still don't. Ha ha, too bad.
  • ShirleyW

    I hope at least some of the brain dead,follow anything the Borg says Dubs read the NYTimes article about how they're about to take in between 850milin - 1Billion for the Brooklyn property and don't give them not one dime anymore.

  • truthlover

    Shirley - re NYT --I read it, and I let it be known when the subject is brought up - do I get surprised looks!!

    Then I add, so what is the money being used for?? Leave them guessing..... had a really good talk to an x elder last week and he opened up with a lot of hidden elders meeting information from years ago that is still bothering him....

    He is still in along with wife but is livid that things are going on that 99.9 percent are not aware of ... I do get concerned when he goes off as he does have health issues now, some related to past experiences so once the outbursts have occurred, the issues are dropped for another time...

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    I thought the congregations were instructed to keep $5000.00 in their accounts and the rest being instructed to send to the Borg.

    Now, just less than the May 2014 directive, they are supposed to keep only $1500 in their accounts and the rest to be sent to the Borg!! geez.

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