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  • Festus

    On video "Benefits of Divine Education" William Samuelsson makes totally appalling comment.

    Starting from 3:05 he refers to "an effort" that was made in past to see how Society's curriculum corresponds with normal - worldly - universities.

    Then he claims that following question was asked (to university representative) "how we in five months can teach the same that for them takes two years"?

    According to W Samuelsson the representative of a university replied something like this: "Your students are motivated, they have come to learn where as our students have been send to university by their parents and might have something else than learning in their mind". This is to crystallize what he said. Please watch the video for exact words.

    But I mean seriously to claim that university students just are killing time in university and don't have any goals nor discipline to study is an insult towards university students. Of course there are some individuals that do fit this description but to generalize in that way! Jesus!

    Further more comparing Watchtower education with University is just ridiculous.

    As an example in past they said in MTS that no one will fail the course, everyone will receive diploma.

    Well in real world university/college you can fail.

    I wonder if this curriculum comparison has ever even taken place? Or is it one of these fictive things?

    Link: https://tv.jw.org/#en/mediaitems/WebHomeSlider/pub-jwbrd_201501_3_VIDEO

  • pale.emperor

    Stupid, stupid, stupid.

    If Watchtower is to be believed, people only go to University to have sex and make a lots of money upon graduating. Heaven forbid someone would become a Doctor because they actually want to save lives!

  • ToesUp

    WT has always demonized EVERYTHING. I never realized how much they did it until I exited the cult. No one can do it better than Watchtower. In other words...you will never succeed better than what Watchtower has to offer. Try telling a university that you received the same training in a cult that you could have received at a two to four year university. They will laugh in your face.

    Narcissists always think they are the very best.

  • ToesUp

    Another question for those interviewed.....after your 5 months of training can you purchase a home, car, food, clothing, have a 401k, save for retirement. Do you also get medical, dental and life insurance?

    You see...we have family members who have this "divine education " they speak about. They are living in their parents basement and waiting on Jah to throw down some food. This stuff infuriates me but make me laugh. If only these idiots could see how hard my kids have had to work to receive real beneficial training not some fake form that only benefits Watchtower.

    Watchtower has to make those who have sacrificed all normal education feel better about themselves. It really ticks off a brother who has divine education when he and his wife are living off mom and dad and they have to see Brother successful pull up in his new BMW and posting pictures on Facebook of his new home and luxurious vacation him and his lovely wife can enjoy. I have seen this happen first hand. The spiritual ones are so jealous of the successful ones. Especially when the successful one is an Elder and so is the divinely educated one.

    During the annual meeting they interviewed all of the Bethel doctors. Ask these ones being interviewed if they would like one of these doctors to work on them if they only had 5 months of education. These clips make me realize how delusional these guys are!!!!

  • just fine
    just fine

    As with all Watchtower "experiences" there is no mention of what university representative said this. It's just a nameless, faceless, generic university representative. It's laughable that they would even compare the two, but when you keep your followers purposefully uneducated and villify higher education, you have to do something to appear superior.

    I didn't take any believe in fairly tale classes at the University I went to.

  • neverendingjourney

    Variants of this nonsense have been going around for decades.

    I remember a CO in the 80s said reading an Awake! bound volume was the equivalent of 2 years' of university education. Since maybe 1 out of 100 JWs had ever gone to college, in what kind of a position were they to contradict these "facts," especially when they're being thrown around by WT luminaries.

  • Chook

    The society sent that Jw lawyer in Australia Vin Toole to university, that's the quality that graduated he didn't even know the Australian reporting law regarding child abuse, he misinformed elders as to reporting requirements.

  • steve2

    JW organization thrives on cardboard representations. It dare not take a more informed view of "higher education" for if it did so, its own house of "cardboard" would risk collapse. How ridiculous to compare their method of in-house religious inculcation with the method of an audited and accredited university curriculum.

    There is a nub of exposure of intent in the video: You don't want your children gaining their independence away from home in a "worldly" environment. I don't wonder why that's a threat: They just might start thinking for themselves.

    Whenever JW organization cites non-JW sources to supposedly support its narrow take, no names, institutions or citations are provided. The interested reader or viewer cannot follow up the source. We don't now who the representative of the unnamed university is or his credentials. Nor do we know whether his cynical observation is support by the university that pays his salary and demands fees from students and/or their parents.

    Convenient. If we did know, we might check and find he has been either misquoted or partially quoted.

    This is baby-stuff for baby-minds.

  • sir82

    seriously to claim that university students just are killing time in university and don't have any goals nor discipline to study is an insult towards university students.

    Oh they've been doing that continuously for decades.

    In WT-world, the only - ONLY - ONLY reason that anyone has ever and will ever attend any university is because they want to become obscenely wealthy and/or "make a name for themselves".

    Every time I read that in a WT rag, I think to myself, "yes, all those 100's of thousands of education majors and nursing majors and social work majors and English majors are in it for the money and fame."


  • ttdtt

    OMG the whole thing is evil.

    The girl before 3:05 - yea you cant put a dollar value on that education because it is worthless!
    It has no value except in Cult World!

    (just put it on a job app and see how far it gets you)

    And how nice that the Old Cook didnt bother to say "what university" or "what person" agreed with him?
    Complete BS.

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