This week's WT study article "Keep on the Watch" - the latest dumb article from the Gang That Couldn't Think Straight

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  • Saename

    neverendingjourney - The thing that bothers me the most concerning this topic is the following:

    1. The last days commenced in 1914
    2. Armageddon didn't come immediately because people had to be warned and given a chance to get good with God before God destroyed the wicked
    3. 102 years have elapsed since Jesus' enthronement

    What's the point in having a 102 year warning period? All the people who were reached by the Bible Students during the 1910s are now dead. That's especially true for the people who read the Watchtower back in the 1880s.

    It seems to me that on its face the reasoning behind the 102 year gap logically falls apart. There is no reason for having a century long warning period.

    Couldn't God found a way to warn mankind, say in 10-15 years? Wasn't the early preaching work a waste of time given the fact that those people died before Armageddon. Isn't that like warning your next door neighbors that their house will burn down 100 years from now? Who cares?

    Interesting. Never thought of that.

  • sir82

    +1000 on neverendingjourney's post.

    Not to mention that during those 102+ years, the JWs keep preaching over and over and over again to the same Christians who keep rejecting them over and over and over again, while virtually ignoring billions of Buddhists, Hindus, and Muslims.

    Yes, they have a minuscule presence in some of the countries where those religions predominate, but 95+% of JWs preach to other Christians.

    102 years and there's still only ~25,000 JWs in India with a population of 1 billion +? 102 years and China has a couple thousand underground JWs out of 1 billion +? 102 years and Muslim countries have a couple thousand underground JWs out nearly 1 billion?

    As I've written dozens of times on this board: If there really were a Jehovah, and if he really did commission JWs to perform a "worldwide preaching work", he'd pulverize the lot of them for the piss-poor hash they've made of the work.

  • tor1500

    Hi All,

    This is the paragraph that got me..

    # 4:We know that every convention session has a precise time to start. However, try as hard as we might, we cannot pinpoint the exact year, much less day and hour, when the great tribulation will begin. When on earth, Jesus said: “Concerning that day and hour nobody knows, neither the angels of the heavens nor the Son, but only the Father.” (Matt. 24:36) But Christ has been empowered in heaven to wage war against Satan’s world. (Rev. 19:11-16) Thus, it is reasonable to conclude that Jesus now knows when Armageddon will occur. We, however, do not know.

    I mean really, they think they got an in with Jesus, after pushing Jehovah's name all the while...So because Jesus is in Heaven now & ruling, they think he knows...How do they know that ? I know...THEY DON'T. See this is what gets them in trouble, they always think they have answers to secrets. Jehovah will never let a certain group of folks call the GT, because instead of trying save folks, they would be running around beating their chest saying "I told you'all he was coming & on this day,too" JW's just can't stay away from predicting the future in some way or fashion...always want to appear that they are in the know. Instead why can't they just state their beliefs and keep it moving...

    Everyone in the congregation I speak to says, we are in the last days, you can see by......I really want to say did you feel that way during the civil rights time, WW1 WW2, Viet Nam, & so on. I think they want it so bad because they have been saying for so long...At the same time many are young & so they didn't live through tough times...But the world has always been in turmoil...

    I think many have this hope of not dying & crossing over.

    There was a WT (public edition) January 2013...I think it's where the Question from Readers is located....The heading is: Have Jehovah Witnesses Given Incorrect dates for the end? For those who are interested...please read it...Very interesting, Indeed...they admit it but....I'll let you read it for yourself.

    So the latest is no worries folks, JW's got a friend in Heaven besides Jehovah, don't worry, Jesus is gonna hook us up.


  • blondie

    In Genesis God announced that the flood would come in 120 years; but the WTS reasons that he did not tell Noah until 50 years before the flood, adequate time to preach? Considering that the life spans were reported longer than today, why less time for them and more time for people today.

    1874 to 1914 40 harvest years

    1878 Jesus came as king

    1881 end of calling of anointed

    1914 the end

    1916 CTRussell dies and no end

    If everyone is expecting it...and it is is supposed to come when no one is expecting it.....

    Well, it's not going to come then, is it?.....Idiots.

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  • neverendingjourney
    In Genesis God announced that the flood would come in 120 years; but the WTS reasons that he did not tell Noah until 50 years before that, adequate time to preach?

    Right, that's the direct analogy in the Bible according to the JWs, yet Noah didn't preach to multiple generations. The flood came within a few decades.

  • Island Man
    Island Man

    I think the real reason that Watchtower joined the UN is that they were trying to fulfill Revelation 17:17. After so many failed predictions of the end they probably thought that they need to join the UN so that Jehovah can use them to influence the UN to hate all religions and turn on them.

  • Spiral

    @neverendingjourney; well said. It's just logical.

    The longer they wait for the end the more people are born into the world the need to be preached to, so the burden of the preaching work just gets bigger and bigger.

    I also have always felt that, if we believe there is a God who would string everyone along like this, with veiled instructions only some understand, and many tests and pitfalls along the way, then we believe in a God who is not very righteous. He likes to watch people suffer. And, he's a terrible communicator. Hard to believe of someone who created the entire universe. It just doesn't add up.

  • stuckinarut2

    They justify it like this:

    When the scripture says "it will be when no one is expecting it" that refers to worldly people.

    Another scripture is used to say "keep in expectation of it, it will not be late"

    So, in other words, "True Christians" will be in expectation and ready for the day, while "worldly" people will not know the time nor be ready for it...

    Make sense now?

  • greenhornet

    There was a special needs talk from an elder. He was on the stage encouraging everyone that the great T was very very close. He also encourage those that have herd the end is near for years not to give up and stay focused. He read from the bible on how close it was and read from Watchtower books that the end was near!

    It was a very emotional talk. That was 25 years ago

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