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  • pontoon

    My only question about persecution since the other sheep are not even Christ's brothers according to Watchtower, they only benefit from association and support of the anointed, why aren't anointed and especially (at least some) of the GB moving to places (Russia) to bear the brunt of the persecution? The GB should shoulder their responsibility and leave their digs at the Place On the Lake and go to wherever persecution is and do whatever they can to relieve the lowly other sheep from persecution that Jesus foretold they (his brothers) would have to endure. Maybe GB has no backbone, or do they not mind others enduring what they should be. Bunch of con men..

  • StephaneLaliberte

    While I don't believe in JW, I am even more against the concept of government persecuting people for their beliefs. I would never, ever collaborate with the government to turn in peoples.

    And yet, depending on the circumstances, I could potentially make an exception for elders and higher ups. These man bully people and deny freedom of religion by enforcing the shunning practice and hunting down any one second guessing their authority. Why should they expect the right to freedom of religion when they deny this very right to people under their authority?

  • Corney
    road to nowhere They forgot to mention the money laundering part in Russia

    Yep, they forgot to mention the money laundering committed in your imagination. That's scandalous.

  • waton

    It is not a devout conscience, even of a eist that is being persecuted, but the wt control. So, this pushing for continued meetings , preaching of the overlapping generation invisible kingdom, all are wt ideas, their control over the r&f.

    Meetings is the stupidest idea. The gestapo/stasi knows the names, following one will net them the lot. for what? more wt indoctrination, that has taught false doctrines again and again?

    The article also warns against fights. dissension, and here should be wt's and their enforcers greatest risk. It could become payback time. big time in the big camp.

    In a crisis, Keep a low profile, high on provisions.

  • Vidiot
    JW_Rogue - “Will they really lose all belief if they aren't getting the latest WT study material?”

    Actually... yeah.

    You’d be surprised how quick the conditioning wears off once you stop reading the propaganda.

  • blondie

    You’d be surprised how quick the conditioning wears off once you stop reading the propaganda.

    Exactly, Vidiot.

  • zeb

    Does anyone recall the experience given where a family/group/ what ever told of being away from the kh for a time and forgot they were in the t?

    Blondie and Vidiot you are correct 100%

    and the big persecution convention coming up will have its call for........................................$.

  • JW_Rogue

    I just don't think they should be making martyrs out of people who could simply go on living their lives quietly. They can keep their beliefs, just not the organizational aspects. Seems like WT doesn't really care what happens because if some do get tazed or beaten it will bring more attention to the issue. It's sad that they are buying into it and putting their lives in jeopardy.

  • waton

    Religion allows the "divide and conquer" situations. Muslim vs Hindu in the Indian sub continent, Shia vs Sunni in islam, (formerly Catholic vs Protestant in Europe.

    Jw is protesting against all. could be caught in the crossfire.

    best strategy for survival, scatter, play dead. remember:

    wt promises your personal survival; song 60.

  • eyeuse2badub

    About persecution!

    Now that I think about it, I feel like I was persecuted as a child when my mother made me go to meetings!

    just saying!

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