Jealous of the JWs in 2017

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  • pleaseresearch

    I know your going to be thinking what???

    But it's true, when I was a young boy I had to go to the 5 weekly meetings.

    Also with my mum we would be at the doors and actually have debates. Well not myself, but the pioneers my mum would accompany. She remembers the cold days out on service and she would have to but in and pull certain sisters away from the door. Now all they do is point to the website if they struggle with certain questions.

    Also the length of the meetings and this cart witnessing. I mean OMG it's so easy now.

    Then when they say there will be only 6 publications each year, what!!! Didn't we have 52. Where has all the spiritual food gone?

  • ToesUp

    There is NO more substance to Watchtower. It's just a money grubbing cult. They do the thinking for the next generation on JW's and the old one's seem to be just too tired.

  • pale.emperor

    Sinking ship!

    Very few converts, lukewarm members, and the old members dying off. Yes, it wont be long before this it fizzles out or becomes a very minority religion like the Christadelphians.

  • punkofnice

    pleasy - I know what you mean. It at least, seemed to be a more genuine religion back in the day.

    we would be at the doors and actually have debates

    I had this conversation with someone recently. I remember the irascible old curmudgeons that would put their foot in the door. Unafraid to actually defend their faith, as wrong as it was.

    Now all they do is point to the website if they struggle with certain questions.

    Again. something I was conversatin' about recently. They dare not debate now because their faith is beyond fragile. Even a meringue has more structural integrity. The website has no facility to ask questions not covered on their biased FAQ.......apart from how to contribute money. Says it all.

    Also the length of the meetings and this cart witnessing. I mean OMG it's so easy now.

    and those awful 4 or 5 day a$$embĀ£ies........Now they sit there zoned out with their tablets (from a prescription of Citalopram(r) as well as their ipads).

    6 publications each year

    And they openly admit they will regurgitate the propaganda.

    It seems some are waking up to the idea that 'all they do is ask for money now'.

    We've paid our dues.

  • floridaborn

    It's also a "photo op" religion now. "What cute pose can we do and post today?" I wonder if they count their time while they perfect their jumping shot.

  • venus

    It's really heartbreaking for all those who spent their whole life for the organization thinking it was true and the end is imminent!

  • pleaseresearch

    Yeah I have the same thinking too. How many are in and know there is no chance of getting out now. All their friends, and family are in. If they leave they are completely on their own. Loneliness can be such a hard thing to cope with if your old. So it certainly makes me think, how many know they have been duped but won't admit it.

    Using tablets, yes. Wow that would have made things more interesting, even if it was just the JW app we used when young. They have it so lucky now and I think they will do whatever they can to make it easier and easier to be in.

  • eyeuse2badub

    Yep, it's hard to believe what the jw religion become. I was a "sort of born in" as my mom became a jw when I was 4 and now I'm 70.

    5 hour-long meetings each week, 2-3 hours of fs a week, 4 'new' magazines every month, a 5 to 8 day district convention every year, 2 1/2 day circuit assemblies twice per year, 100 hour per month requirement for regular pioneers (I pioneered 3 years), 75 hours for vacation (auxiliary) pioneers, at least 2 new publications (book) per year, an extra 1-2 meeting during the co visit. Did I forget anything?

    Today, I attend on Sunday so my wife doesn't have to go by herself (I haven't been to a mid week meeting for 4 years), haven't been in fs for over 6 years, I attend the 1 day circuit assembly and 3 day district convention to appease wife and mother-in-law and I haven't been hassled by the elders or co. Man this is easy compared to the 'old days'.

    just saying!

  • NewYork44M

    Substance no longer exists. I can remember my mother and pioneer have discussions that showed depth. No more. I can recall watching a YouTube video of an "apostate" and a witness at a cart. The witness seemed like a nice enough guy, but his comments demonstrated how little he knew about his own faith.

    I propose that the lack of depth is a strategic decision.

  • steve2

    So, let me get this straight:

    Modern-day JWs have swapped the chronic overwork of yesteryear for mind-numbing boredom - and you're jealous?

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