Jealous of the JWs in 2017

by pleaseresearch 11 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • millie210

    Even a meringue has more structural integrity.

    Best quote Ive read all week!

  • jwundubbed

    I think it must be harder to want to leave when the substance is reduced. It was pretty easy to hate a religion that forced me to do things I didn't like and took up so much of my time. They never made it easy to fake my way through a meeting or ministry work like they have now. I mean, why not stay in it if you don't care and if it is fairly easy to get through. It looks a lot more like the churches my worldly family attends. Most of them don't care about going to church and aren't really believers. They just go for the people who do care and why not, it is only one day out of the week and the services are easy to daydream through.

    I'm glad it was so much worse when I was in it. That only helped me in deciding to leave.

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