Tony Morris buying Scotch.

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  • DanShanks

    I wonder when the next time he will be on a video?

    His son is also claiming to be anointed, and taking the emblems

  • Vidiot
    DanShanks - "...His son is also claiming to be anointed, and taking the emblems."

    So that's what it was for.

    Damn, if they're switching up to top-shelf whiskey for the emblems, they're gonna see a lot more partakers.


  • Phizzy

    One JW on Facebook said he was probably buying all those bottles of hooch to give away to friends...... yea right.

    Even if that were true,and I reckon no way is it, he would still be setting a terrible example, getting his friends to hit the hard stuff.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    having recently finished the "new boy" book--i compare those poor suckers slaving away and getting paid a pittance,---and that idiot goes and blows over $800 on expensive booze. so what if it was his own money--from private wealth--its still shoving their noses in the shit.

  • LV101

    Of course his son is partaking of 'emblems' to slide into the cult GB echelon - home base position. Wonder if he self-medicates on Scotch or ?

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